the big fight

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hope u guys like it

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



i was walking down my street just mining my own buesiness singng follow me when out of no where this dude jumos out at me im like who are u my name is justin he said ok then what are u doing here said corey i been looking for u for two years two ask u to join me jusin said to join u in what i said he said i need u to help me go to war i said who we fighting justing said we are fighting vampiers cause i know your a demon.

well so i went with hi to his pack and meet conner, kaul, johhny, drew, and gama and jennifer who i fell in love with so i desiced to join them i said when are we going to fight well sai justin we are plaing a acctect on them we are going to night so we went over the plan then at the end i went up to jennifer and talked to her i said that i liked her and all that so we stared going out.

well tonight we go in a fight so we go down and we get face to face with vampiers and then we stared to fight i was fighting a vampier lord trying my best to win hes swinging left and right but then he pulls out a poal shoves it up my ass then i pulled it out shoved up his ass pulled it out shoved it down his thoat slamed his back on my knee and stab him he died.

then i stared fighting the king of them all lord verikan its a big battle im  hitting him with all i got and same with him we are not giving up then he grabs my head and smashs my nose on his knee and broke it and this fight took over 5 days and on the 5th day he did that then i fell on the ground.

Then i jump straight in the air superman punches him takes out stakes and i kept stabing him i was not lossing but my team won so i was walking home and then saw a vampier accting jennifer a run up killed him and the vampier hug jennifer trying to cruch her bones so i pick her up and ran to the house and heal her so we get bussie if u know what i mean then i meet this guy named jaden he is a werewolf we ended up gitting high and becoming best friends and thats how my dtory ends hope u guys like it

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