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Submitted: May 12, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



I went to school when I was five

Then went to first grade and found

Out I did not like it the teacher hated me

I hated her I did not like school I was bound

To find a way to close it

I was getting pick on by the teacher even

If I did not know the answer

The teacher hated me and I hated her



If I don’t have to go to school I would

Be relaxing all day and never get board

I would be outside handing with friends

And I would sleeps so long I would began to snore

I would be happy forever if I did

Not have to go to school

School is so long I do not like it

The teacher hated me and I hated her


I will search for anything to shut down

School I will do anything so I can

School is so boring I don’t want to go

I can go outside and get a tan

Cause I nee it only if I can close school

I can’t wait to I close it forever

I will beg and cry into I get my way

The teacher hated me and I hated her

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