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My name is Jamie. I lived my life peacefully till one day my world was shaken and spun. There's a life lesson in all of this... tell me when you find it.


Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



Wind, Part 1

Wind. I felt it thrust itself into me, making itself at home deep in my veins. I slowly folded my arms, as my wind dryad spirit desired to take flight. The soft wind giggled in my ears and urged me along.

“Come Jamie… let go lassie” it said flowing sweetly alongside me.

I would have loved to let go and join my friend, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t use my powers by force yet and even if I could it was a beautiful day and everyone was outside.

“I cannot today my friend… but please let me in. I know I have asked much, but just this one time let me in. I would like to know what the people say” I told the breeze through my mind.

Faintly at first, but stronger as time progressed I could hear the voices of all the humans. The wind has graciously let me in on their conversations, but only with it could I hear.

“There’s the speechless deaf one” I heard an old woman say to another as I strolled past them.

They had no idea I could hear them, that I had been leading them on all of fifteen years. It wasn’t as if they could understand a dryad anyhow. I had tried to talk to my father before, a human. All he heard was jumbled sounds of hissing air and soft whistles.

Suddenly I felt the world around me shake. When I looked around all the merry and cheerful faces were still around. No one seemed to feel the quake but me.  The sky was still azure in color but I could see traces of smoke in the air. As I breathed in I could no longer smell the sweet fragrance of the spring flowers blooming. I coughed, the polluted air poisoning me. The more I coughed the more, I began to realize, it was killing me. I covered my mouth and held my nose shut. I tried to leave with the wind, but it was no use.

I felt myself slipping away. My vision began failing, but I refused to open my mouth. It would only kill me. I tried to run, I tried to get somewhere safe, but there was no escape. I collapsed to the ground, rasping skinny jeans and pealing the outer layer of my arms and legs off like a person were to peal a sticker off its base. I screamed on the inside, but I merely grimaced on the outside.

Just as I thought no one noticed my situation I heard a warning in the faint wind “Jamie! Behind…” was all I heard till the wind betrayed me and stood still, unwilling to help me.

I looked behind me but it was too late. I saw puffs of smoke and the faint light of a cigarette.

Talking was the last thing on my mind but I took my hand off my mouth and croaked “disgusting.”

Part 2

My eyes shot open as I heard the sound of barking dogs. I was alive. How? I looked around in awe at my ability to survive.

It was black, but I was still able to see with my hands. I wiggled around on what must have been a couch and feel onto the cold floor. I could feel my arms tied together, but luckily not my legs.

The smell of smoke suddenly smacked me senseless. An appalling thought dawned upon me; I had been abducted. I sat up with melancholy. I felt tears begin to run down my face, moistening the hair that hung in front of it.

I heard the air conditioning and the barking of the dogs faded away with the circulation of the air.

“It’s dark. I’m unable to move. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what’s going on. I can barely breathe and there are dogs that probably want to maul me to pieces. Could it get worse?” I thought to myself. “If only I could use my powers… if only I knew how.”

Suddenly I saw a set of eyes faintly glowing in front of me. I gasped, but without the wind I couldn’t hear it. I whipped myself around, and saw one more set of rage filled eyes. I felt the one in front of me drooling on my foot. I tried to stay quiet as I saw their white teeth show, snapping with fury.

The giant weight of the dogs was forced upon me, pushing me over as it drove its paws into my stomach as it stood on top of me. I felt more drool drip onto my face as the other began biting my leg. Inside, I could feel the dogs gaze reaching into my body and ripping my soul out, crushing it like a grape.

I still heard nothing until a door swept open, rushing in a short wind, but a constant soft breeze of the air conditioning from the other rooms.

“Stop… bad girl” a deep voice mumbled.

The dogs looked up at the man who had opened to door and ran to his side. The smell of smoke began to become more intense as I lay on the unfeeling ground, bleeding out, and unable to move.

“You’re a worthless, dead, little piece of trash” the man said.

“I may be dead… but you’ll be next” I managed to say and I coughed blood. I met his gaze “you’re the next dead man.”

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