Whether it's happiness, peace, confidence, or perhaps a new car or a better house, everyone is searching for something. We all want something that we're missing that we've always longed to find.

Four characters take a journey to find what it is they're missing. For Ella, the good girl, she's always wanted to be content with herself. Garrett, the rich, but not shallow guy, has never been truly happy with life. Kim, the popular Cheerleader, has never found the right boyfriend. And Matthew, the smart Asian, has always wanted to find a place to fit in.

Follow the lives of these four ordinary people as they find the key to living life to the fullest.

Table of Contents

Part I: True Love

This is the first chapter about a girl named Ella. She's 18 and is a freshman at Harvard. Going to Harvard had always been her dream, but now that she's finally gotten there, she realizes her life still isn't complete. Just as she is about to go to bed, Ella gets an interesting phone call. Read Chapter

After getting a phone call about her mom being in the hospital, Ella gets in her car and rushes to go see her parents. When she wakes up the next morning she finds herself in a sticky mess with a strange guy who acts like a total jerk. Read Chapter

After visiting the hospital and then coming back to school, my life returned to normal. It had been about two weeks since Mom's bad seizu... Read Chapter

Monica came over at about 6 on Friday night. Kim had been set up for a blind date by her friend named Krystal - it was with this guy name... Read Chapter

He was so handsome! He was different than any other guy I'd met before. That Saturday, when the kids were having their lunch break, he an... Read Chapter

Part II - Searching for Meaning

NEW CHARACTER! The narrator is now Garrett, a rich, but really unsatisfied college freshman. He's tired of the way things are and wishes his life were different. Please leave me comments, I am open to any advice/critique. Read Chapter