Captured Memories

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This is dedicated to my two best friends, for we seem to be growing apart a little too much, and also to my previous friends, that i would give anything just to talk to again.
I don't think this poem can compare to rag doll, which I stillt hink is my best, but it means alot, so just bear with me

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



Captured Memories ?

Flipping through old photographs,

faded, dusty, and old.

Hilarious moments we cherish,

from these stories, constantly told.

A memory captured forever,

on plain film, just black and white.

Pure love and happiness in our eyes,

our smiles, ever so bright,

I close my eyes, trying to recall...

what happened, what went so wrong?

Feels like I haven't laughed with you in....

God, its just been so long.

Silent summer nights broken,

by our giggles, echoing in the dark.

Playing games of "truth or dare"

and sneeking out to the park.

the three of us, inseperable,

Forcing away eachothers tears.

Memories upon memories, captured on film,

of us growing through the years.

I open my eyes, it's cold and dark.

I toss the pictures aside.

What I wouldn't give, to laugh with you again.

To hug, to tell secrets, to confide.

But they're captured memories,  nothing else.

Reminders of the past.

How come our friendship whithered away?

It seemed to go so fast.

I miss you, more than you'll ever know,

But theres nothing else I can do.

But these captured memories will always be here,

and I will never, ever forget you.

Xoxo Courtney

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