The Gift (Short Story)

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This is a really short story I wrote in about twenty minutes while filled with boredom. It's a simple story about a man with a gift who gets bored while working with a client one day. It's a pretty mediocre story, but meh.

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



The Gift

When you have the power to do things like I do, a single thought can do some bad things.

I first realized what I could do at a young age. I was around seven years old or so. My best friend and I were chatting in school while the teacher blabbed about 2+2 or something like that. After a few minutes, we realized the class had gone silent. I looked up to see the teacher and all of the class staring at us, the class was giggling and the teacher looked peeved. We flushed red and then I made a little wish in my thoughts. I wished that everyone would stop looking at me.
I screamed right after that. The eyes of all my classmates had disappeared completely, leaving nothing but smooth skin. Right after, they all screamed as well. Being young and superstitious, I thought I had done it by wishing, little did I know that I was right. I quickly made another wish that their eyes would come back. The eyes of my classmates reappeared, but now everyone stared at me dumbstruck. Realizing my power, I wished they forgot about the past few minutes. Everyone began to look puzzled, and I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding and slouched back in my chair.

Throughout the next few years I used my gift simply. I used it to get ridiculously smart, become popular, get the attention of some crushes and to get money. However, it didn’t take long for my parents to become aware of my gift due to my magically appearing gifts. The first time it happened, I quickly wished them away, but realized my mistake and brought them back right away. After that I simply took away the specific memories they had of my gift. However, they constantly remembered and each time it was quicker than the last. Around age twelve I just wished them to keep quiet about it and to not care about it. They did so and I had a good life at home.

In High School, I used it rather foolishly. I would get drugs and alcohol, cars, sex, everything a teenager wanted. However, it quickly became boring and I just sat back and let the gift rest for a few years. During those years I passed through college with flying colors, studied abroad for a few more years, and just relaxed. Expenses were no problem, and I could have easily gotten any woman I wanted. However, I decided I’d rather find love naturally, and it came to me. That’s another story though.

Around three years ago I got a good job at a law firm. I had a kid and another on the way, a beautiful wife, and an overall decent life. I could have lived my life in luxury and not worked, but I still wanted my life experiences to be average as possible. One thing more than average that I got was time off whenever I wanted and the ability to make sure my wife and kids were safe at all times.

Yesterday, I was given a case with a particularly wealthy client who was being sued for property damage and the like. According to police reports, he was in a feud with another business and it escalated to violence quickly. Apparently, he had a few guys torch his competitor’s house and main office. This would be a hairy case if I handled it naturally, so when they guy came in to talk to me today I simply read his mind.

When he came in, we quickly got down to business. I asked him about what happened. He gave me a long winded story that I “thought” onto the Word program on my computer. I didn’t read his mind then, as I would only hear what he was saying. It was natural, to be thinking the same thing you’re saying, and was of no use to me. When he finished, I reviewed it on my computer. I “thought” a program onto my computer that highlighted lies and simultaneously read his mind.

A lot of the document turned red and his mind read as follows; “This guy is gonna be just like my other lawyers, believe every word I say and get the job done. I love my job.”

I decided to screw around with his head.

“I don’t think so.”


“I’m not going to be just like the other lawyers.”

“How did y-… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play games with me, I’m not an idiot.”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I “thought” him into the air by his collar. He started flailing about.

“Are you going to bullshit me now?”


“Hmm? What was that?”



I let him down into his chair and he ran for the door. I “thought” the room into a locked chamber with steel walls. He banged his head off of the wall and fell down with a thud. I laughed. He got up and sat down.

“I want my lawy-…. Alright, listen here bub, I don’t know who you are but…”

I ignored him, letting my computer copy down what he was saying, and idly thought.

“Did he just call me bub? That’s stupid. I should really get a window in here.”

A window popped up in the room.

“It should probably be in the wall though."

The window teleported to a regular position on the wall.

“That’s more like it. Now he’s even more freaked out. I love this job……did I leave the stove on?”

An image flashed in my mind of the stove set to off.

“Ah, good. Is he still blabbing? Damn, I wish he would shut up.”

The man’s mouth disappeared. I laughed again and “thought” his mouth back on. He then went to ramble on about how I was violating his rights.

“He should be glad I’m not violating his wi- Never mind THAT thought.”

I shuddered and screwed around with different types of lighting. I made the single light hanging from the wall swing back and forth. I removed the window and made the light flicker, and then I added a creaking noise to it as it swung. The client, a little more used to my antics, kept going. I “thought” myself behind his back.


He jumped and yelped like a little dog, his toupee falling clear off. I laughed again, this guy was hilarious. I teleported back to my chair as the guy put his toupee back on. I smiled wickedly and brought the room back to normal and then began snapping my fingers in front of the man’s face.

“Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump! Wake up!”

He blinked a couple of times.

“Was I sleeping?”


I laughed some more and he turned red.

“Alright bub, or whatever you are, stop this right now.”

I made his toupee fly around the room and then added monkey under it. He got even redder as he grabbed the monkey and began strangling it. Worried, I freed the monkey and then “thought” it into the wilderness with all its “monkey buddies”.

“THAT is the LAST STRAW! I’m going to find you, where you live, what you are, your social security number, EVERYTHING! And then, I’m going to make your life hell. I will find your family, and I will hurt them in ways unimagin-“

He disappeared. Not a lot could get to me, but threats toward my family did and I thought him away. After that, I thought everyone that was like him away. I finished the thought and-

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