Kael's 3 dollars

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A kid and a beggar. (VERY short)

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013



Kael stepped out of the cool, air conditioned grocery store into the hot Texas sun in Fort Worth, Texas.

He started walking down the street, towards the bus stop one block away, whistling as he walked.

By the time he had gotten there, he was already sweating.

He sat down on the bench, laying his bags beside him and pulling out his cell phone.

‘Spare change? Spare change?’ He glanced across the street to see a man dressed in torn up jeans and a faded t-shirt sitting outside a store that was closed for the day. He had a baseball cap sitting in front of him, upside down, with little coins in it.

Kael hadn’t seen him before, and he thought about giving him a dollar or two.

At first, he was against it, because there are a lot of people who are just lying jerks who just want to get some money out of innocent people.

Then there are the drunks who use up all their money on booze and can’t keep a job.

But this man seemed sober enough, and he had a kind of look in his eyes that just seemed to say ‘please help me’.

Finally, he got up, taking his bags with him. He grabbed the spare change that was left in his pocket, about three dollars, and dropped it in the man’s hat, then walked back across the street for the bus.

‘Thank you, sir.’ The man nodded at him, and smiled.

Ten minutes later, Kael watched the man get up from his spot and walk across the street.

The man pulled a pair of keys out of his pocket and climbed into a blue and black Ferrari, then drove away.

Kael knew then that he had given a his money to a man who didn’t even need it.

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