The Lost Necklace

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A princess and her lost necklace

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013



Princess Alexandria Martinez lived in a large castle With her father, King Martinez. She was an only child, And her mother had died when she was nine. She was a spoiled young girl at the age of fourteen. About a week before her mothers death, she had been Given a necklace from her that opened to reveal a picture Of herself and the now deceased Queen Marisol. The silver necklace was very expensive, and very important To her. Alexandria would put it on the moment she got up in The mornings and took it off right before bed.

Alexandria awoke one morning in late summer and reached For her necklace. But it was not there. She sat up quickly and Looked down at her nightstand in alarm. The necklace was Missing from its place. She scoured the floors, and checked the top of her dresser. She Frantically searched through her jewelry cabinet and nearly knocked Over a bottle of perfume in her efforts to find her lost necklace. But The necklace did not turn up. Alexandria rushed down the many stairs, calling for her father. 'Father, father! My necklace has been stolen! Father!' The king was very much shaken up about this, as the thief, If there truly was one, had been able to get into the princess' Room undetected and could have just as easily killed Alexandria In her sleep. Plus, that necklace was inlaid with diamonds and was Worth thousands of dollars. All the guards who had been patrolling the night before were called Into the Throne Room and thoroughly questioned. Finally, three guards out of the bunch had been picked out as Prime suspects. But all three men swore up and down they had nothing To do with the disappearance of the silver necklace. The king let them all go, but only with a trustworthy guard watching each Of them. It was considered a terrible crime to steal, especially From a member if the Royal Family.

It went on like this for three days; the guards were watched, Alexandria Was depressed, and still the necklace was not returned. On the fourth day, one of the three guards that was considered a prime Suspect rushed into the Throne Room, shouting. 'Eureka!' He kneeled before the king and princess. 'My king and Princessa... I have found the necklace.' He held up the Silver chain. 'Thief! He is a thief, father! Arrest him!' 'No! No, I have stolen nothing. I found this by the stables. Please...' 'Have you anyone for a witness?' The King asked him. 'Yes, yes! To Krefeld and Proms, My King.' 'Father, he must be lying. I remember putting it on my nightstand Before bed last night.' 'We shall see.' The King replied calmly. Krefeld and Proms, two other guards who were on night guard The night of the necklace's disappearance, were called into the Throne Room. 'Men, did you see Reynaldo find the necklace out by the stables?' King Martinez was a fair ruler, and not one person had been sent To the gallows in seven years. They had no reason to lie to him. 'Yes, my king.' They answered in unison. 'Thank you, men. You may return to your posts.' The Wise King turned to his daughter. 'You should not be so quick to assume, my dear. It could get you in a Lot of trouble one of these days.'

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