happy fathers day to MOM

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this is a very deep poem and i think itll touch others hearts that grew up with a messed up dad or not a dad at all. the purpose of this poem is to let others that feel alone in this situation know there NOT ALONE:)

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



and im not gunna lie today i wanted to whisper happy fathers day in my moms ear

cuz daddy u was never there u left without sayin goodbye

dont u think u culda at least called from time to time to see if i was even still alive?

mama raised me on her own strugglin to put food on the table and cloths on my back

she worked so hard so id have nice cloths for school and now tht im pratically grown u wanna come bak around?

todays fathers day and in bed passed out drunk is were ur found

and i used to cry cuz u wernt there when i felt like i needed a daddy the most

but honestly growin up without u made me stronger

growin up i knew me and mom were poor but mom always tried convincing me we wernt

i always wondered how it would be to have that perfect family

but knew deep inside it wuld never be

 i used to think how it wuld be if u hadnt left me.

..maybe mom wouldnt have to work so dam hard

i always asked mom questions about u wondering why u raised the other two but not me?

she used to rub my head and tell me everything was ok so i must say HAPPY FATHERS DAY ................ MOM 

-from whatever part of my heart thats left--

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