how i let you down

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a poem about my mom and how i should treat her better than i do

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




-sittin here thinkin dam man i make her mad, i disappoint her wen i do bad


and i just sit back and laugh ,man thts mesed up


i got her mind all messed up ,


got her tryna figure out how she gunna pay my tickets


when it was my mistakes


and it feel like im gettin worse


tryna do better but its like a  curse


dam man thats messed up


how am i gunna bring my mom down


the 1 thts been there wen my dad left


raised me on her own and was always there for me wen i needed it


bring me up wen im feelin down


now all im doin is bringin her down


and i dont never tell her wat she deserves to hear


cuz if i did i wuld tell her she da best


tell her she deserves nuthin lless then the best


i wish i treat her better


all the things i love about her cant be put in a letter


but she dont kno tht cuz i never take the time to say it


i better let her no b4 its to late 


cuz u kno what they say u never no wat u had till you loose it


and if i ever loose her i wuld be  clueless


cuz she leads me


and this  aint even rhymein cuz im loosin my  mind n i admit im cryin


cuz i put her threw so much  trouble  with the lyin


2morrows mothers day and i wanna see her smilin


but it seem lik every mothers day is a normal day were everybodys arguin


my house is a mad house


and i cant stand it


im happy to step foot out not even care were im goin as long as im gettin away from the screamin and fightin


is it a home wen u wanna be gone


i lose time with my mom cuz my  dad is wrong


so i leave cuz i kno it will just get worse if i open my mouth and speak


cuz i tried it, got 2 close and landin on the floor jus lik the old days wen he used 2 hit mom


now he hit me knockd me out landed me on the fukin ground but shyt i got up and still seem 2 stand strong


maybe all this b.s i go threw is why i do so wrong

but im gettin off subject cuz this was supposd to be talkin bout mom and how much i love her

and i know that we, fight day in and day out

But dont question my respect cuz its there without a doubt

and i know we yell and shout

but thats not what im about

cuz im all about you

and no matter what i do

i know you'll always love me, always love me thru

all the mistakes that i make

or the things that i break

but no one can ever take away this mother and daughter connetion

it sticks wtih us for life like an incurable infection

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