i want you happy even it that means im not

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this is about love and how heartful and strong it can be....i made this up when i was thinking about the boy i fell in love with

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




layin here thinkin of u 

but that aint even nuthin new

thinkin how much i miss ya

wishin i culd get 1 more chance wit ya

but like i told u i jus want u happy 

even if it means im not

u had my heart and u had it on lock

dam right no1 culd ever take ur spot 

but now u jus up and left lik nuthin mattered

now im all confused, hurt and shattered

never was big on love until i met u 

always thought love was a game 

until i met u 

dam u had me takin it serious 

faithful then i ever been

its lik im in a nightmare and i jus wanna wake up

if i tried callin u i bet u wuldnt even pick up

i cant stand it knowin u wont talk to me

but y? at least give me a dam reason

all i ever did was give u all my love no matter wat the season

even wen i had my own problems i wuld always put them aside4 u 

now u treatin me lik this tell me wat the hell did i do 

and nothin i say matters nomore

jus a couple months back 

you told me i was ur first love 

and i was hopin 2 be ur last

and i still remember the last day i saw u 

i thought everything was  gunna get better between us 

they say that time heals all so why is it getting worse?

plse tell me wat i did 2 deserve these tears down my face

i guess all of it was just a big mistake 


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