love is true

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poem to my boyfriend

Submitted: March 22, 2012

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Submitted: March 22, 2012




im not perfect. 

i dont claim to be.

i know theres other girls that are better than me. 

your right i dont have the biggest chest.

but one thing i do know is i can love you better than the rest.

you've already put my love to the test.

you seen i stuck by your side. 

how i feel for you cant be erased its stuck inside.

im not sure how you feel about me. 

im kinda always guessin

but when we argue you dont know how bad i be stressin

i love it when we just chill and talk.

how u hold my hand when we walk.

i love you more than you could even guess.

yeah i fell for you, and you caught me half way down.

im sorry im not perfect.

but together we could become something perfect.

the times i spent with you were the best times of my life.

you made me feel like i actually meant something in life. 

and like i always tell you, U are my life.

cuz you made it come alive.

without you i really dont know if i could survive.

cuz i cant live without my heart.

and baby you had that in your hands from the very start.

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