my love for you is internity

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when your in love nobody else matters!
fact-if your in love with two people go for the second because if you really loved the first you wouldnt have fell for the second! keep that in mind


when your in love nobody else matters

nomatter wat they do u wont fall for them

even if they buy u flowers

even if they listen to you and support u

none of it matters 

if you truely love one person,

your heart wont let you fall for the second person 

nomatter how sweet they are or wat they say

it just wont happen

you might try to move on 

but at the end ul end up back with the one you love

although i dont know the future and

i dont know wat it might bring me or us 

but i know one thing

ill still love you because babe thats for internity

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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