my sister, my only true friend

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a peom about my sister, my only true friend

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




a big sister is a friend that never leaves


a friend that helps you accomplish all ur dreams


together u play pranks and come up with lil schemes


its nice to know i have a friend that i can trust 


one that has my back to the end


whenever i need her all i gotta do is write a text & send


none of my other so called "friends" are ever there sorry to offend


but, every friend tht claims they got my back end up runnin in the end


with my sis the memories never end


i still remember how i looked up 2 her even when i was 10


and i kno even to this day i still can


and im proud of her for doin wat shes doin


i hope i can be the same


i dont wanna be a nobody like all these other lames


she always tells me right from wrong


always there when im strugglin tellin me to be strong


and we dont never argue


i remember when i was lil we used to but time just flew


now we sit back and laugh about how u and ur friends used to tell me to "shoo"


when i was lil i just wanted to be cool like u


u were my romodel and still are


im like the sky and ur the star


u got me belivin anythings possible like i can fly if i use my mind and try


and i kno thats not a lie


cuz i see u doin it with my own 2 eyes


and i kno im screwin up now


but i promise ill be fine


cuz all the things u tell me is stuck in my mind


and every body that has a sis shuld be jelous cuz they aint nuthin like mine


im tellin u mines jus one of a kind

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