nothing is ever good enough

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a little bit about how i feel about my life and how my past has affected me.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




i look back and see dust

cuz nuthin i ever did was ever good enough

so i stopped tryin 

ppl see the smile but inside im diein,

sick of liein,sick of cryin so i picked up the blunt and started flyin!

music in my ears, only thing that calms me 

only thing that lets me free

all my family is to blind to see

but the pain they cause me its crazy to not see,

mama always raised me to the best of her ability

but dam one person cant control 3 kids 

so thats why we ended up like this

it wasnt her fault, and it definenitly wasnt ours,

sisters doin gud she got her head on straight, 

almost graduatin from college 

i look at her and in my head i say "dam ur great"

cuz threw all the shit weve been threw in our life u dont let it phase u

u never let the pain taize u and take u down,

see me, ima try and do the same 

but im already half way shot down

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