pain you caused

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something that i had on my mind so i needed to get it off my chest-relieffff

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




when i first met ya my heart beat went out my chest

always told me there wuld never be no next

no here i am tryin to move on to the next

cuz u fuked sum other bitch

well i hope u had fun makin dat ass a clappin 

cuz me comin bak to you?

im tryin to prevent tht shyt from happenin

cuz everytime i think of you, i think of her and how u was tappin it

now she expects me to be cool and not snap and shyt. 

dis shyt is deep, its lik im cuttin my chest and lettin my heart spill out 

yea im hurt cant u fukin till?

you tryna be some1 u not so stop what you dont kno is i already got you figured out 

i no who u really are and thts wat left the biggest scar

although its to late i think u shuld go bak to the old you 

fuk wat you and tht bitch did and remember everything i ever told you 

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