stay above the influence

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about drugs

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




this is what i do for fun

all these other kids are smokin' damagin a lung,

already pregnant and havin a son,

or runnin the streets and carrying a gun

look what this world has to look forward to

look what its already become

in school it used to be hey u got some gum?

now its hey u got some weed do u know were i can buy some?

man its a shame

some ask me to smoke and i say no

so they call me a lame

i just laugh and shake them off

sit back and giggle every time i hear em' cough

cuz my lungs are still pink and soft

in my head i remember every thing i was ever taught

all the pure pressure in my life but, faught

cuz i kno in the future there gunna be callin me up tellin me how they got caught

or ima end up at there funeral cuz they got shot

and all im gunna say is i told u to stay off that pot!

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