u can make it

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a poem i made about how life is hard and dangerous but if u work hard enough and fight for your dreams you will succeed sooner than later my point is either u get busy livin or get busy dieng if you know what i mean!:)

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




man, this world is dangerous,

so dont be carless,

just take your time,

and soon ull find that,

everybody is one of a kind,

you just gotta find a way to show your shine,

im tellin you just wait for your time,

its kinda like standin in line,

i promise ull be fine,

dont ever give up, hurry up and climb,

u might be at the bottom now but u culd make it to the top,

just run with your dreams and never stop,

and once you reach the top lock it with a deadlock,

but if ur unpatient ur bound to get shot,

and the only top ull be goin is maybe heaven,

i think god gives us obstacles we gotta get around it like hes testin,

to see if were strong so just hold on,

& i promise these rainy days will soon be gone,

it wont be long, so dont ever think u cant  make it,

if u see a chance in front of u take it!!

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