why did you hit mom so much?

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this is a poem about my childhood memories of my dad and how he beat on my mom and i never understood why.....i know im not the only one out there that grew up in this kind of environment so i felt that this would touch some people and they can see it the way i seen it....one of the deepest poems ive wrote by far and it brings me to tears and makes me angry everytime i read it...the pain will be there forever

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011





sometimes wen i look at your face it brings me disgust


why'd u hit mom so much? dont you know how 2 discuss?


and i lay here in bed wonderin why she took you back


when you werent there she picked up your slack


and showing me love was a thing you always lacked


now that your back in my life you wanna act like you never left?


well that aint how it went cuz i still feel the pain in my chest


arnt u in shame beatin mom everyday for 25 yrs straight?


sometimes i feel like you dont care


what kind of man pulls a womans hair, and  beats her until shes curled up in a chair?


and u made my life so unfair


dont you sit back thinkin all the things you did?


cuz i kno i can make a long  list


i gotta say moms strong for all the times you hit her with your fists


she took your hits like a man and still raised us three kids


she stuck with you cuz she was scared she couldnt make it on her own


i remember one time u were beatin her she tried to call the cops but you broke the phone


all the family kept tellin mom to leave you but i guess she was scared to raise 3 kids on her own


but after 25 years she finally had moved on


after she left you, it semt like you didnt care about me you were just gone


how you gunna diss your kids just cuz u and mom didnt work out that just wrong


4 years later mom forgives you and takes you back


you promised you wouldnt do the things you used to, promised you wuldnt slack


i guess keeping your promises is a thing you lack


cuz the same old you is back


maybe thats why i act the way i do today


did you ever think that maybe all this tramatized me in a way?


i try to brush this all off my shoulder everyday


and live life day by day


but its impossible because all these memorys are here to stay

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