Ariadne`s Dream

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A dream from Ariadne,(Living Forever) resting.......

Submitted: July 30, 2008

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Submitted: July 30, 2008



She closed her eyes for 2 minutes, she thinks, actually will be for 22 minutes 38 seconds; 5 seconds after she closed them, she started to dream: She was a little girl again, running by the beach like the birds ply the skies, feeling free and her delicate skin caressed by the soft wind from the sea .......suddenly  she stops, feeling tired and then sit on the beach`s sand ; once there, she decides to build a princess`s castle made of sand (it will look like a square building)......She did  it and when it is finished, the water came up and ruined everything ....making her furious at the sea and directing it an angry look, but she will say nothing....yet.......she will start to rebuild it and , when it is almost done, the sea again interrupts her work.....she will stand up  and will exclaim:"leave me alone, back off  would you? cheeees......."and noticing that the sea is not paying attention  to her, she grabs some sand from below her with her little hand and throw it to the sea in an  angry gesture from her.....she stares at the sea wondering why she is bothering by  it...and suddenly she feels a warm breeze that from the sea comes, touching her skin, gently ,  stroking her hair like her mom does, she started to feel an inner peace that she had not felt before, she smiled and happy she is now, so she decides to go into the sea and joint it to see if they both can play a game, after all, she is just a little girl......and as soon she touches the water......Ariadne wakes up......

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