Her Protector--Prologue

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The story of a young girl who murders people without knowing, and the man that cleans up after her.

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Additional information: This is the prologue, the link to the first chapter (when it is finished) will be provided in the document. Then the real fun begins :)


“Have you ever pressed a cool silver blade against the blue vein of someone’s milk-white neck and watched their warm scarlet blood spring up merrily to the surface, only to trickle down and slowly pool into a small puddle on the floor? I have. My name’s Ragdoll, and I’m completely innocent…”

~ • ~

It was late; around midnight. The usually busy city streets were deserted, and the silver light of the full moon cast dark shadows everywhere. The soft clicking of heels could be heard, echoing through the alleyways and streets, seeming as loud as an explosion in the night. The footsteps heard were a young girl’s. She was wearing knee-high leather boots, thigh-high black stockings with red bows, a rather short red plaid skirt, and a red and black cincher. Mascara, glistening black with her tears, ran down her pale cheeks from her big brown eyes. She was wearing black lipstick and the corners of her mouth were carved into a sadistic smile, which had been crudely sewn shut with thick black stitches. There was a shiny red bow in her short black hair, a red that matched that of the thick warm blood dripping from the gleaming silver switchblade she held in her fragile-looking hand. She looked confused and—despite the gruesome scene—utterly innocent.


When chapter one is done being edited the link will be provided in the description, and here: ___________

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