What Would Happen

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What Would Happen...My eyes were blue?
What Would Happen...The sky was purple?
What Would Happen...Everyone lived in peace?
What Would Happen...The Earth was flat?
What Would Happen?

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



What If


What would happen if the sky was green,

Or if all the colors would remain unseen.

Would we all stand here simple and sleek,

Unable to take one little peek?


What would happen if there was no iPhone,

No electronics or music or tone.

Would we all be a bore,

If we all sat around and acted like a drawer?


What would happen if the sky rained cats and dogs,

If frogs were turtles and turles were frogs.

Would we have a new culture,

Where we would pray to the vultures?


What would happen if there were no Muppets,

Sitting around like old rusty puppets.

Would we have no admiration,

For those tiny little sensations?


What would happen if there were no celebs,

No flashes in corners just old dusty webs.

Would we have no people to follow,

To speak of or talk to or no words to swallow?


What would happen if fantasy became reality,

And we would really listen to one's actuality.

Would we ask no dumb questions,

Or fuss up to confessions?


What would happen if we would quit asking Why,

And stop making excuses so we could fly high.

Would we actually do it and take the risk,

Or push it all away in the pound of a fist?


What If.

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