Whose Laughing Now?

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Katherine's trip to Whose Live Is It Anyway? :D

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



I don't talk to Katherine too much on Twitter, but when she said she was going to tell her Whose Live story, I opened my ears and listened up. I favorited every one of her tweets, so here goes. This one is for you, Katherine.

The story starts off like this:


Here's just a quick Twitter break down of the show.

The opening act was Magician Ken Scott. I got selected to participate in a trick. I just grabbed the deck of cards, looked at one and placed the deck back into the bucket. He selected 3 people, and he guessed all of ours correctly. I'm still baffled by a lot of the tricks. Fun 30 mins! 

Had a 30 minute interlude before the guys came out. A guy came and passed around slips of paper. I was happy that he gave us some! My sentence was "Wanna get naked and eat grapes?" My sister, Brit's, sentence was "I wonder why the goats all call you d-ah-ah-dee when you come home.." Brit's sentence got read. "Well slap my ass and call me Harriet!", was Hannah's sentance. 

Mr. Bob Derkach was out jamming the intro music. Greg got introduced 1st. Ran out so excitedly. He introduced the rest of the guys. Everyone got a great warming reception, but Ryan's was the loudest. 

1st Game: Freeze Tag. Greg introduced the game with Chip and Jeff starting. Jeff got a running stance and Chip got stuck with yoga, which Greg gave him downward facing dog. Chip had his butt up facing Jeff. Jeff looked like he was going to kick Chip. Ryan tagged Jeff out, and pulled out a bingo ball from Chip's butt. Greg jumped in. Had Ryan to load the cannon. Chip then turned and had his butt facing us. He quickly got up and told us to put our cell phones away. Jeff said it would be all over Facebook tomorrow. Greg froze and did the weather map. Ryan did the Ricola horn with Chip's butt. Jeff got Greg and did it. Next they were playing football with two quarterbacks until Chip mentioned that someone should be playing defense. Ryan bowled. Chip fell over, but Greg moved out of the way. Jeff froze, tagged Greg out Jeff and Ryan reeled in Chip, and beat him like they do. Jeff told Ryan he was doing it wrong because had to use his hand like a hillbilly. 

2nd Game: New Choice. Jeff introduced it and called. Ryan and Greg played the scene dealing with writing. They were in a school. Ryan was writing on the board and Ryan looked around and dragged his nails down the board. Greg drove into the school on his golf cart. Ryan was working on his hypothesis until he had to change it to his gumbo recipe. He had written down chicken, but really uses beef. He didn't want his parents to know that he used beef. Somehow they got up on Ryan needing steroids. Greg went to throw it like a dart, but had to change it. So he did a backward granny shot or football hiking. Ryan went through changes. He was big, then slightly bigger, no change, then he got a high squeaky voice. He said to Greg that he thought his testicles were shrinking. Jeff new choiced him. Then Greg had repeated what Ryan had said. Ryan mentioned that he could now join the Nazi Army. He did nearly the last half of the scene in his high voice. Jeff did make him change near the end. Ryan and Greg ended up changing the school into a water park called "Ggggrrrrgggg (Gargling water sound)" Ryan went to spell it out. Started with "Rrrgggggrrrggg." Jeff made him change it and he went with the "Ggggrrrggg" spelling.

3rd Game: Audience Member Song. Ryan questioned the lady, Deanna. They had a fun time with her because she had lived all over the place. A train had been going by at the moment. Ryan asked Deanna what her husband did for a living and he drove trains. You know how Ryan likes to try to guess things about the people? He was doing the same here. He didn't get the kids right since she had 2 boys and not 1 of each, but he asked Deanna if she had any pets. She had a dog. Ryan said that it was a big dog and it was a golden. Deanna said yes. The audience wowed and clapped for Ryan guessing right. He guessed the right sex of the dog. It was a sexy soul ballad. Jeff and Chip had fun with it. It almost reminded me of Pam's song from Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza. 

4th Game: Options. Jeff called. Chip and Greg acted out a scene set in a bowling ball factory. Chip worked. Greg was the owner. They did the scene in the styles of Film Noir, Chaucer, Pulp Fiction, Dial M for Murder, Mandy (sad 70's song), Hemingway, and Smashmouth (band). Mandy and Smashmouth were did almost like song titles. Chip polishing Greg's balls came up a lot in the scene. Chaucer was fun to watch. 

5th Game: Jeopardy. Ryan hosted as Alex Trebek. Greg was Crunchy Pecan Roll, and exotic dancer in the Peachtree City area. Chip was Barrel Chesty, a country singer. Jeff was a forgetful Keith Richards. He said he was from the Beatles until Chip told him he was in the Rolling Stones. Chip played Barrel Chesty so well. He gave us a snippet of 3 songs. Ryan pointed out that all of his songs contained the phrase, "Knock on my Door." 1st category: Small towns in GA. Answer: LaGrange. Greg: What is Paris, France to Dothan, AL? (Something like that.) Medical Terminology - Answer: Surgical Technology Chip: What doesn't rhyme with biscuits? Next category: What can you do to a door? Answer was Answer it. Greg: What isn't as fun as banging on it? Ancient Egypt - Pharaoh. Jeff: What comes before Fawcett? Pharaoh Fawcett. Next category: Beatles Songs. Answer: Let it Be. Jeff: What comes after Let it A? Greg: What would my maw say if I got into too much trouble? To Ryan, "You know that's what she'd say." (Or something like that.) Next category: Exotic Cities. Answer: Istanbul Greg: What to do to a bull after sitting? (Again, I'm not 100% sure) Chip: What was the city formally known as Constantinople? Chip won the competition. I think Chip's Constantinople answer was so unexpected since a lot of clapping and cheering going on. At one point Jeff was buzzing but only calling for his nurse.

6th Game: Sentences. Jeff and Ryan acting in the soap opera set in Taco Bell called Don't Judge my Taco. Greg came out to get the sentences. I held ours out as high as I could. Greg came right up and his hand touched mine. Ryan was a new girl hired to work at Jeff's store. Ryan or Regina, as he named himself, wasn't sure what to do since "it is so random." Jeff told Ryan that anything could go into the taco because putting your love into it really mattered. Jeff remembered when his father was dying that his last words were, "Where is a platypus when you need one?" Turns out that the meat in the tacos came from the platypus. It turned out that Ryan was Jeff's daughter (Sentence had something about mommy). Ryan's mom had died in a taco truck accident. I think she may have been wrapped and seasoned like a taco. We also learned that not all the meat was platypus because the goats calling Jeff "Da-ah-ah-dee." (Brit's Sentence) Jeff had kept Ryan's mom in the freezer. Ryan closed himself off in the freezer. Jeff's last sentence said that Ryan was looking good in a dress.

7th Game: Moving Bodies. Chip intro and got volunteers from back in the audience. Greg and Jeff were fighting over the girl. They were golfing. Jeff and Greg started out hugging, but Greg's person wouldn't move him so the hug lasted longer than expect even though Jeff was being moved away. Jeff was Greg's caddy & giving suggestions on what club to use. They get into the golf cart to leave, but Greg's person Greg all up on Jeff. Jeff spotted Tiger Woods in the golf cart in front of them. They pull over to take pics with Tiger. Jeff runs to the back of the cart so dainty. He snaps a picture, but Tiger leaves. Jeff gets out his stripper call to lure Tiger back to them. Jeff has the movers make he and Greg dance like strippers. Jeff's mover really did a great job. Tiger didn't come back, but Greg hits his his golf ball, which hits Tiger. They go check to see if he was ok. Jeff thought that Tiger was dead, but Greg decides to do CPR. Greg's mover got him down on the floor. There was one point when Greg and Jeff were standing next to each other where the Greg's mover had really been rough and smashed Greg into Jeff. Greg turned around and slapped at the guy a couple of times. I'm sure it was all playful. I think it was because no one really expected him to start moving on his own. It's funny watching them because I'm sure they're not moving quite like the people want or expect them to move.

8th Game: Sound Effects. Greg chose the volunteers. Ryan and Chip acted out the scene of sky diving. Chip was trying to get his plan to start, but it wasn't working all that well. Ryan comes in, and packs his chute. He instead inflated it, which may have been an air mattress. They up into the air. Ryan also brought a pig so he'd know how far down the ground was. Plane goes onto auto pilot. They hook up. The pig gets chucked out the door. Ryan's pants get sucked off and end up on the pig. Chip talked w/ the tower to check clearance. There was more planes out just to make sure it was safe. He had caught the pig that he threw out. Chip said that pigs must really fly. They had engine trouble. Chip took over controls again. He had brought a pig to take over after they jumped. Chip got back on to make sure they had clearance. More mumbling, but Ryan took it as an affirmative. They jumped out. Chip forgot to pack his parachute, but he jumped onto one of the flying pigs. One of them made the comment that it didn't seem right having pigs flying around.

9th Game: Greatest Hits of the Make Up Artist. Ryan as Neil Patrick Harris and Greg as Tim Gunn. Ryan intro the commercial. He did his, "It's 3 AM Peachtree City. It's time to shop, shop, shop! Get out those credit cards!" Some of the audience chimed in and did the shop, shop, shop along with Ryan. The first song was a French Cabaret called "Add a Little Base." It was a great song with Chip "speak" in French while Jeff translated at the end of the song. Greg intro the song. It was a country song. Ryan gave us the joke that it was the only style of named after the country. Greg took off his glasses and acted like he didn't know what to do with Ryan. Anyhow, the name of the song was "Let's Kiss and Make Up." It had a very special appearance from Barrel Chesty! Yes, the phrase "Knock on my Door," was in the song! Ryan into the last song, an 80's song called "Collagen." That one was the best! It was rocking! They danced around with "Wipe the Window..." similarity. But they kept poking out their lips or pressing their hands up on their face to make their lips look like a trout. Majority of the song dealt with big lips. Chip came down and danced on the empty table pretty much in front of us. Jeff had the audience sing "Coll-a-gen." Such a rocking and great song to end with.

10th Game: Story Telling. We all gave them a standing ovation and great clapping and yelling. They came back to leave us with a story, Bubba and the Three Bears. They got Deanna's husband to come up and help with the story. Steve was driving a train and ended up at a little girl's house who was named Pookie (Deanna's pet name). Pookie lived with the three bears: Dilbert, Maw (?), and Bubba (Steve's pet name). Bubba Bear was too small. Maw bear was too big. Dilbert Bear was distracted. Dilbert and Steve were having a gun fight the next morning. Dilbert loaded two pistols for bear. Two shots were fired, but it they weren't from the gun because it turned out to be a golf cart backfiring. Deanna was in the golf cart. The morale had something to do with finding a place that you enjoy being and not to let your wife run off.

I'm sure I might have criss crossed some things and left out a lot of things. Sometimes it's hard to remember everything. Sometimes I paraphrased things, which may be incorrect. All in all, it was such a great show, and they deserved all the sore jaws, hands and throats. It was nice to have some great improv under the stars. It didn't seem like it was as cold as it was. You could see "smoke" coming from guys' mouths. Laughing really keeps one warm. Only downside to being outdoors is the trains and planes. I can honestly say that Peachtree City's audience were much louder and rowdier than Charlotte's audience. We were yelling and having a blast. They were playing music after the show. I just danced. I don't know why because I don't dance. I really have cut loose and I wouldn't put it past getting into the improv comedy. Just a great, great time. Hope they come back to Peachtree City! Nothing like the fresh clean air! 

As much as I would have enjoyed meeting with the guys, I don't think it would have been easily possible since we had officers everywhere. Especially blocking the stage left, where their parking lot was located. Only way would have been through the dark, scary, and unknown woods. How could I not thank the wonderful and lovely Mr. Bob Derkach. He's such a big part. Where would they be without his great music? Overall, it was a great night to remember.


Once again, thanks to Katherine. I am hoping you remember this night, and you are an amazing story teller. I felt like I was there with you that night, even though I wasn't. 

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