Death to All Life

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I had a series of dreams about the end of the world and thought there was some enteresting ideas. (work in progress)

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



Death to All Life

by Benji Crow


The hot blistering heat of the Nevada deserts disturbs my slumber. Who am I? I’m just a man on vacation with my loving wife come to see my Grandfather in his elder years. The musky humid room makes for restlessness. I tossed and turned as if I were a crocodile in a death role. No comfort will be found until the window swamp cooler is filled with water and turned on. Buzz, went the cooler as I look for the controller to check the news. My high definition TV was fuzzy and breaking upduring a news update about a new radicalism group called the DAL (Death to All Life) (maybe resembling the separatist groups but they think all humans animal and plants basically all life should be whipped off the face of the earth for a new beginning) (They also think the earth will be able to heal itself to the point to allow humans to start again start over).It felt like 911 again but tons worse. The threat is real, and it is happening now. I lay backdown with the TV as background noise. The worriedexpression on my wife face said it all.Iused the soft side of my hand to brush the hair from for forehead. Shemurmured, "Do you think it’s really going to happen?" Thelightcoming in the window got reallyintense, I could feel theheat. I looked her deeplyin hergreen eyes. I didn’t have time tothink, the words "I love you" came out, I held her right hand and wrapped my left arm around her tightly as if we might fall and the only way to stay together was to hold on withall my might. The heat and the light maid the veinsin our faces and arms and hand change to a dark blue. Our skin went red, blisters started to form.Bomb, the sound of the first explosion reached us. It felt like the whole house dropped down about 6 feet. I could still see herstaring back at me. Then another bright light andeven a bigger jolt rocked the desert valley. I know now this is the end. Neither of us were screamingor crying. We had certain calm about the whole thing, we knew death was eminent. We squeezed each tightly. A third bomb had gone off, the sound wasdeafening. Iremember thinking to myself that I felt a 7.0 earthquake before and this felt twice as strong. The groundrippled as thoughwater would on the surface of a pond after droppinga pebble into it.I opened my eyes, debris covered us but we were still breathing. The dark veins on both of our face and hands were even darker now. Some of the plastic things in the room was melting, our hair was curled and smoking. The smell was of metallic blood and burnt flesh. Sulfur wreaked the air. Glass from all the broken out windows littered the ground. All but one car alarm was still working. The ringing in my ears was subsiding i could hear water gushing outside; it must be a broken fire hydrant. I ears made a loud ping noise the light got so bright I couldn’t see. I have never held my loved one so tight. Then a sound so catastrophic it could be herd around the world. This is it, this is the big one, last of our days. (Funny it happened in 2011 instead of 2012.)

I awake to muffled sounds of urgency. What are they saying? Fire, fire. I snapped out of my daze. My Grandfathers house was not only on fire but all windows busted out and one of the walls collapsed. I shook my and brushed the dust and debris from her face. "I can’t believe we are alive" she chocked out. I jumped to my feet. The dust in the air swirled around me as I raced to put out the flames. I thought to myself is this house even worth saving after all this. Then I thought well I’m so far away from home, if I even have a home. I decided to do what ever it took to put the fire out. I had a change to look up and down the street while I was beating back the flames with a blanket wetted by the gushing fire hydrant. About a third of the houses still stud and only two might be worth saving at this point. Some of my old friends managed to drag themselves out of their flatten houses. The ones that recovered realized I needed help with the flames. We battle those flames; some of us found buckets to get water other kept beating the flames with what ever they could find.

The flames were doused, an old friend of my leaned on me taking deep breaths together we looked at each other in disbelief. The dark veins fed bloody festers on his face. I knew my face must look the same. No sirens could be herd, all alarms are off. The noisy city of Vegas was quiet, most of which was flattened. There will be no help from the Gov. It was time to take a head count of the living and try to regroup. Grandfather! I ran to the back of the house where the wall hadfallen. My wife was kneeling on the bed besidehim clutching his hand. Grandfather, "speak to me" I said."Oh, there you are. Now listen you do what you have to do to take care of your wife. We cannot let those DAL basterds win" my Grandfather said while coughing up blood with ever other word. "Just remember I love you both" my Grandfather last words. This was the man who raised me, this was the man I looked up too. He was man of all men. I could never live up to him, but I felt his energy and perseverance he had pumping through what was left of my veins.

The two houses still standing became a congregation points for all in the neighborhood. Seven people in all ended up at my Grandfathers house. Three where badly wounded. Not one of us was a nurse or doctor. My wife along side another girl from down the street tended to the wounded. The rest of us started to repair the house as quickly as possible. We step out side to assess the damages. The wind was picking up rabidly. A storm was beginning to brew over Lake Mead. The greyest darkest cloud grew within minutes. The wind was so fast by now we had to yell at each other to be able to hear anything. I gave instruction to one of my friends to see if is van still worked and if so to pull it up along side the house were the wall had fallen in. While I was patching some holes on the front of the house with some material I found in the shed, my friends white van pulled up and filled in the whole. The clouds over Lake Mead became bigger and lighting started shouting out in all directions. The sky was covered with thick black clouds it was dark except from the multiple flashes from the growing light storm. At one point before the lightning storm reached us the lighting accumulated in the center of the cloud like a ball of confused light, lots of crackling and spark shot out in all direction. That is no normal lighting storm. We did our best to hold things together through the night. (Could elaborate more)

Morning came, but brought no calmness. The sky still black, periodic lighting struck from time to time, that was our only source of light. The two of the three wounded didn’t make it through the night. By this time looters took to the streets grab and stealing anything that might help for survival. This immediately maid me think if we don’t do the same all the stuff that is going to be need for survival will be pillaged or broke by the time I can get to it. The list started growing in my head starting with medical supplies, rations, weapons, ammo, fuel; the list goes on and on. So I grabbed my wife and my friend to go looking for stuff to survive. I left the girl from down the street to accompany the wounded till we get back. There wasn’t much left in the city of Vegas in fact, not much of anything to salvage. Every thing was crushed or was burned by the first nights fires and electoral storm. The people we did see where pillaging what they could, some were raping weakened girls. While my friend was climbing into a fallen down casino a small group of young men spotted my wife and I while I was keeping guard. They didn’t hesitate to charge me. My worst fears came over me. They want to kill me and rape my wife. I couldn’t let this happen. (Some elaborate fight I barely win and wife is ok for now). My friend came out and made sure I was ok, he had found some medical supplies and some junk food from a kicked in candy machine. When we got back to my Grandfathers house we found both the wounded and the girl from down the street both shot in the head. The girl was molested, her body strewed out on a bed filled with debris. Now it’s just the three of us. (More to come work in progress)..


I dreamed of the end of the world

Three nukes and one super weapon. 1) Three big nukes went off with like 5 to 8 secs between them, each one felt larger than the rest, like 7.1 than 7.5 than 9.0... Then the really big blast at the epicenter it was 13.0 in Vegas it was 11.0... Most tall building were flattened every thing was on fire. We wanted to stay inside and be safe but Grandfather house was damaged and on fire. Three nuke strategically placed. Two on fault lines by Japan and by Cali. The third would be Nation park Yellow Stone. And the big mystery weapon aimed at the North Pole to destroy our ozone and release chemicals that they thought would kill every thing. SO it is an over kill plan to kill the plant. Super weapon destroys the ozone and releases chemicals warfare across the glob.

A hand full of survivors strive to make it in this waste land.

All social structure breaks down.

Some humans mutate into zombie type creatures and then some Zombies mutate in real strong and fast Mutants. Zombies are semi slow and dumb but persistent. Mutants are faster and stronger than humans some type of jump in evolution brought on by the harsh condition and environment. Road Gangs are mostly bad peoplelooking out for their own interest.

All four bombs go off at the about the same time creating some of the worst weather ever. At first there is panic, people putting out fires fixing broken houses and vehicles. Some pull together for strength some venture out to do evil like rape and theft it’s not safe in the streets anymore anywhere. No law no social structure. Gangs form for power and protection.

So our hero’s are facing deadly: weather, mutants, and zombie types, Road Gangs, broken down societies. The weather is like huge tidal wave wipe out most of the cost, thee most survive lightning storm almost beyond belief. Horrific acid rain and winds up to and over 100mph sometime last for days or weeks. The ozone was destroyed so no one but mutants ventures in the sun, wind or rain. There are dust storms that blow all the top soils away and have a chocking gas like quality.

Their goal is to stay alive; search for food fuel, and a safe place to stay until the world can recuperate. It could take a couple of generations possibly.

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