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I will be evaluating myself throughout the semester to help strengthen my tutoring abilities.

Benji Crow
Guid 41
Journal Assignment #7
J. Hinman
My Strength and Weakness as a Tutor
I am a twenty nine year old student that is currently enrolled in a GUID 41 class that allows me to tutor in the Writing Center (WC). I have tutor for half a semester and really enjoy working with students on a one to one basis. I will be evaluating myself throughout the semester to help strengthen my tutoring abilities.
Speaking of strengths, I would like to talk about some of my strengths. One of my better attributes is I’m great with getting to now the student and helping the student feel comfortable with working with me. This allows time for the student and myself to communicate about what is need in the conference. My next strength is awarding blue ribbons. I like to give complements to encourage the student to keep writing, and I think it instills confidence of their own writing abilities. Another good attribute is that I use the order of hierarchy when ever possible. This helps the student and myself stay on track. These are the basic strengths of my tutoring abilities.
The next topic that’s hard to talk about is my weakness as a tutor. Although it hard to look at my weakness as a tutor, it is also important for learning/teaching prepossess. The first non-strength is using the proper questions to lead the students to find the answer on their own. As we all know a good prompt can point the student in the right direction, and can go along way. I watch instructor give prompt all the time, it’s as if the light turn on up in the head of the student. The second weakness I face is the dreaded grammar/spelling questions that are asked on a daily basis in the WC. To help correct this weakness I sit in on as many instructor grammar conferences as I can, to better equip my skill. Last but not the least of my weaknesses is allowing the student time to think and answer before I lead them to the answer. Allowing the student time to critically think is one of the most valuable tool teachers’ uses, I need to allow the student time to sit and ponder.
Over all my strengths outweigh my weakness, but there is always room to improve and learn new technique to better my pedagogy.

Submitted: April 25, 2011

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