Snow Cave

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A near death experence. Snow Cave.

Submitted: April 25, 2011

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Submitted: April 25, 2011



Snow Cave
Benji D. Crow 
Trait Assignment
English 150
Long cold winters could keep us inside for weeks. Cabin fever would set in and get the best of me. For a young teen that’s very athletic it felt like a ton of bricks weighing down on me. I needed an adventure so bad I could taste it. My parents suggested going on a mountain outing with the boy scouts. I jumped at the chance to get out of the house to have fun with new people. My mother’s boyfriend Mike said “I know my boss has a son in the boy scouts, I could give him a call and ask if you could go with them up the mountain tomorrow”. Nothing sounded better than getting out of this house for a little mountain adventure. I asked Mike with a special tone of voice, “Do you think you could give your boss a call for me please?” The kind of voice kids use when trying to get our way. “Certainly I could do that for you”, Mike replied. Not long after that he was getting off the phone with his boss, he gave me a smile and thumbs up. I knew the answer was yes and that I would be getting out of the house tomorrow and getting some exercise. Who knows maybe we might go sledding or learn to build an igloo? Anything would be better than sitting around the house one more day.
That evening the cold night produced snow flurries and what people call a white out. I thought for sure this was nature’s way of saying stay home and go stir crazy. I was afraid that we might get snowed in and we wouldn’t be able to open the doors to get out in the morning. I laid my head down on my pillow and thoughts filled my head of all the things that could happen and fun I could have on my adventure the next day. I fell asleep to the sound of snow pelting itself against the tiny walls of my bedroom. My last thought was I hope the boy scouts aren’t afraid of a little snow and try to cancel the trip on me.
The next morning a warm beam of light broke through the darkness of my room. A sunspot crept slowly up the bed and more light added to it from a second and third window. Naturally my eyes opened and I gave them time to adjust to the light. A chill ran through my body when I realized I could see my breath. Cold mornings like this were not unusual for a poor family like mine who had to use fire for our main source of heat. That meant someone need to get up to start a fire before the tin can we lived in warmed up. The fire won’t start on its own so I elected myself to the job. I shivered as I made my way out of bed to put my clothes on. I had to laugh at my attempt to light the fire. This task was meant for a boy scout but it took me three or four times to get that puppy started. Some boy scout I was.
Intense light pored into the hallway window, so intense that my eyes couldn’t adjust to it. After what felt like a minute or two this fuzzy picture came into focus. A white blanket covered the land from top to bottom. I thought to myself, I don’t know one Boy Scout that wouldn’t want to be up on that mountain today. Minutes later the phone rang. A cheerful voice asked, “Hi, is this Benji?” “Yes!!” I quickly replied. We made plans to meet at the base of the mountain for them to pick me up so we could start our adventure. The ring of the phone woke my parents up, that’s all they were waiting for was a sign that we didn’t get snowed out.
The ride to the mountain seemed long and I didn’t have much to say. There was just too much on my mind. Music from the car radio soothed my mind and helped settle the butterflies in my stomach. As we pulled up to the city park at the base of the mountain I could see two van being loaded with supplies and equipment. There seems to be kids of all sizes and ages but not one that I recognized.
As we parked a man walked over and greeted Mike with a firm hand shake and a smile, “Hello Mike is this your boy?” “Come on over and meet some of the boys” he said to me. It wasn’t long before the vans were loaded and we where all headed up the mountain. It was a very easy crowd to get along with. I felt as if I was good friends with these fellows and I had only just met them. The further up the mountain we went the deeper the snow got.
When we arrived the first kid out ran to a snow marker and screamed out, “Holy cow, it says 15 feet deep!!” This sparked a beehive of conversation with everyone getting louder and louder competing with each other. The Scout Master hushed the commotion, “Quiet” he said. He gathered us all around to listen to him clearly lay out the plans for building an igloo. One that the kids intended to stay in the following weekend. After he was finished Scout Master barked “Don’t just sit there lets get started”.
Kids went wild and started piling snow in a 20-foot diameter. This thing is going to be big enough for Big Foot to sleep in. It felt as if we piled the snow clear to the sky but it was more like three times the height of myself. When you have this many people working together it doesn’t take long to create a huge mound of snow. There had to be at least 2 tons of snow there when we were done. The Scout Master gave the word that we could stop. “Ok, lets see what the next step is” he said has he fingered through the Scout Handbook. We all read the rules of course.
We started burrowing our way to the inside with a little shovel. I watched as three boys carved there way in and couldn’t wait for my turn. The Scout Master finally said, “Ok, boys let these other guys have a chance”. That’s all I needed to hear then I was in digging away with two new friends of I had made on the way up the mountain. I looked over and smiled at Matt, and then I heard a load crack.
Silence, darkness and immobility had overtaken me. What just happened I thought, I couldn’t see or hear anything, am I dead? Thoughts cluttered my mind then a scream broke my concentration. It was Matt my new friend and the last person I remember seeing. I heard an ungodly yell for help, much like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. It was a sound I will never forget, someone pleading for his life. Then there was dead silence again. This was even worse, was he dead, was I next? The snow had some in at me from all angles. Cinching in around me like a python making it hard to breath. I had just a small air pocket in front of me.If I was to scream for help I might use up all of my air before my rescuers showed up. I knew I did not want to die like this I didn’t want to go out screaming for my life. I started to feel the effects of not having enough oxygen. My thoughts drifted away. I could see my mom and her boyfriend crying over my death. Then I started thinking about the good times of my life and more uplifting thoughts. The good things in life really stand out in a situation like this. Those good thought put a smile on my face and put me at ease. I was happy with my life and I was prepared for my end. As darkness started to creep in it was suddenly interrupted with a brilliant light that burned my eyes. Wait a minute I thought, if my eyes hurt than that means I am alive!
Fresh air filled my lungs, the air smelled of sweet freedom as I was pulled to my feet. I looked to my left where Matt had been buried. A snow boot was sticking out of the snow. The two scout leaders grabbed a hold and gave it their best tug. Out popped my friend Matt, the color of his skin startled me. Huge gasps for air followed by some hyperventilating brought Matt’s face back to it normal color. We both put an arm around each other and walked about ten feet before we collapsed in the snow. I guess our bodies needed some time to catch up on our breathing.
Needless to say, my opinion about the Boy Scout changed after that experience. I learned a valuable life lesson that day as well. Life can bring lots of pressure at any time whether it be at home going stir crazy or buried in a snow cave. If you don’t freak out and stay calm you have a better chance of survival. Adventure isn’t every thing you now.

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