The Air Is Thickening Its Getting Harder to Breath, Global Warming

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Politics and the environment don’t mix.

Benji Crow
ENVSC 12: Lisa Pedicino
Climate Change & Politics
The Air Is Thickening It’s Getting Harder to Breath, Global Warming
Politics and the environment don’t mix. The natural state of the world would be better off without politics or at least America’s point of view on climate change, we must open our eyes and realize we have a huge impact on our climate. From pole to pole the earth has never asked for anything, but I feel her crying out for help. I just pray it’s not her last breath or a dying wish. Please tell me that it’s not too late? A dream I had recently struck me deeply, I was a polar bear drowning from exhaustion swimming from iceberg to iceberg; I could feel the cold water fill my lungs. The dream woke me; I realized I cared about the environment and that most politicians weren’t even losing sleep over the issue of global warming. When will their eyes open? It’s not about saving any one species; it’s about saving the environment. Why is America dragging their feet on the issue of climate change? If only there was a simple solution to this very complex issue. I propose a Neo Clean Energy Act that would provide all Americans with clean energy. Once the technology is proven and we have shown the world it can be done and that it’s cheaper than using fossil fuels, we share this knowledge with the rest of the world. I know readers are wondering what the Neo Clean Energy Act is, but I don’t want to start this paper with solutions but rather let the reader discover them for themselves. America must adopt the Neo Clean Energy Act to save our environment, save endangered species environments and to save us from ourselves. 
 Global warming is real and it is here to stay. By definition global warming “is the increase in the average measured temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century, and its projected continuation” (Wiki). Many will argue that the damage is too severe and there is no going back, our atmosphere hasn’t even caught up with the damage we have already done, lag time. Others argue that there is a scientific explanation for this warming trend. Do we believe what these people are telling us or do we look to nature and see for ourselves. Many aspects of life will change, our agricultural yields will be affected meaning less food, the disease vector will widen, polar caps will recede and many species will be sickened or extinct. These are signs big enough for all to see. I can try to clean up the world “with my own two hands,” but that’s impossible (Ben Harper). It would take a large group of people with a common interest in saving the environment and a few more politicians to get up off their asses to make a stand. Selfishness won’t save the environment; organized people with the political power might have a chance. (Wiki).
There is no middle ground for politicians to stand on; they must take a stand in protecting the environment. Few politicians share my views; one that does is Al Gore who was Vice President under Clinton. He’s been fighting this deadly trend since the 60’s. Gore starred in his own documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” Which is a must see if you haven’t already. He is currently the founder of the Alliance for Climate Protection a government-funded program to persuade people of the importance of climate control. To help end the debate of whether or not the globe is actually warming Gore says,
“There are many who still do not believe that global warming is a problem at all. And it's no wonder: because they are the targets of a massive and well-organized campaign of disinformation lavishly funded by polluters who are determined to prevent any action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming out of a fear that their profits might be affected if they had to stop dumping so much pollution into the atmosphere” (Woopidoo)
We need lots of politicians like him. In fact if we can get enough of them they might have a big impact on the way government looks at the issue of man-made global warming and they may actually find a solution or solutions. If one is to really try to save our climate, they must walk the path of politics.
When it comes to politics on climate change it seems America is last in joining the United Nations in the fight against the deadly trend. It’s going to take a lot for American politicians to jump on board with the Kyoto protocol, which was formed by the U.N. to protect the environment. The last thing we want to do is slow the economic growth of our great nation; this is one of the reasons why we haven’t joined the Kyoto protocol. At what cost?!? I think if we could lead the world in clean energy and the technology that harnesses it, our economy would thrive, just under a different light is all. We need to shift our emphasis from economic growth to sustainability.
One of the reasons behind Americans not jumping to join the U.N. in the Kyoto protocol is that we have been fed misleading information on global warning; oops, I meant warming (Freudian slip). If we were to look at a global map and color in all the countries that are willing to join the U.N. we would see America sticking out like a sore thumb. We are one of the last to join when we should have been the ones to implement it. Another influence on Americans view point is that, “Bush administration officials with no scientific training edited federal scientific reports to inflate uncertainty about humanity’s role in global warming” (ens-newswire, Pegg). This action echos the Nazi’s in their attempts to brainwash a nation. Did we buy it, yes we did. Our viewpoint has also been largely shaped due to the US, “Congress’ inability to pass any significant CO2 regulation despite the overwhelming popular support for such measures. Also there is substantial evidence showing that the oil industry is working hard to thwart any legislation that would limit CO2 production” (Wiki). Corporate control is stronger than ever, I just hope it’s not stronger than our will to live and the will to leave a future for our offspring. I don’t know about you but I don’t like being compared to Nazi’s, why do Bush and Hitler fit in the same sentence so well? Maybe it’s their attempt at brainwashing a country. Let’s hope Obama has the strength to stand up to the world banks and the big corporation.
People like to think that global warming is everyone else’s problem and that it doesn’t affect them locally. Just take a look at the endangered species list in northern California; owls, frogs, rodents, falcons and the latest to get hit the salmon. It sounds pretty bad right here in our own backyard; imagine the rest of the world with similar issues. Some countries are worse off than others but I would challenge you to name a country without an endangered species list or I should say a endangered environments list. The future is grim for those creatures already on the list, let alone those that will be affected in the near future. It’s hard to imagine a future where the only place one could see a Bald Eagle is in a museum.
The species that are dying off are an intricate part of the environment; in many aspects they vitaly effect their environments from fertilizing to planting seeds to pollinating. Cures will be lost. Disease will run rampant and not just for the animals either we the human race will be in the direct line of fire. It doesn’t matter what country one lives in we all will be affected we all live under one big umbrella. So, the world is going to hell in a hand basket with all the little people, with the entire collection of plants and animals in it (except cockroaches). Bummer, I get a feeling like I always do at the end of a good documentary or wildlife show that I am the cause of all these problems. And yes I am part of the problem, but I always have the option to put the blame on our leaders or someone else. Some may say that it is a bit unfair but these politicians wanted the position and I truly think that they meant well when they first started but lost their way through all the corporate money and lobbyist. Oh, what tangled webs we weave (Sir Walter Scott).
Remember how I was talking about one big solution, well here’s my idea. Neo Clean Energy Act, which means clean energy for everyone. With no or low carbon emissions. Clean energy solves a lot of problems, a spectral solution. This act essentially assists everyone in converting to electricity, from the use of geothermal heat and other clean energy sources. First step would to be to tap most every house into the geothermal heat directly below their homes or a power shed or a power plant. Every thing in the house would run on electricity. The next step would be to get everyone’s transportation converted to electric. So at night one would plug their car in and they would have a fully charged car to cruise around town in. Long distance travel could be done with electric railways, or high speed trains limiting air travel to a minimum. One house could probably power two or three houses. This would be living off the grid. When a power line falls down it wouldn’t effect your power at all. This would eliminate electric and gas bills; in fact if your house was feeding energy into the grid PG&E would be writing you a check.
People talk about closing our borders, using our own resources and being completely independent from other countries for energy. This is a 60 year plan. Under the Neo Clean Energy Act in 10 years a third of the US would be all electric. Word of mouth would travel about how great it is to be independent and to have more clean energy than is needed. Then in 20 years two thirds of the country would be using geothermal energy, and then there would be enough people to push the rest of the country to the future of clean energy. Laws would pass forcing everyone to be all electric. Our economics would change from fossil fuels to harnessing clean energy, maintenance on the equipment and technology necessary for clean energy. Once America has mastered clean energy we share it with the rest of the world even those countries we don’t like and especially developing nation. Energy would be one less thing for the world to fight over or have war over. So, a 20 year plan to clean energy sounds better and cleaner than a 60 year plan of closing our borders and continuing to burn the last of our fossil fuels before we look for an alternative solution. Why wait for all of it to be gone when there is already a solution?
Our fair mother is dying, America must lead the way in clean energy by using our political tools to shape and enforce protection for the environment by utilizing a Neo Clean Energy Act. There is still hope with a “yes we can” attitude, and by educating the public and raising public awareness there is a chance. With Government assistance the Neo Clean Energy Act could become a law making everyone go clean energy. This new act would be history in the making. We have already made history once this year by voting in an African American president, so let’s get this clean energy act passed too. Besides we are no good without a world anyways. Renewable energy is proven to work and the price is dropping, this is where our investments should be going. One thing we have on our side is that the oil companies don’t own clean energy.
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Submitted: April 22, 2011

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