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A worth reading short story that I have wrote one month ago, so I thought I had to share it with you. It's gratifying, enjoyable, with a beautiful sense of horror.
My best regards,
Cosmic Orphan.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Shioro was utterly a vivacious bewitching woman. She was physically finely chiseled, statuesque, with a long stunning straight dark hair, very attractive and pulchritudinous in every single way. Shioro was living in a small village in Japan, called Wanjin, with her boyfriend named Akira who was profoundly in love with her. Akira was a man who loved her with all of his being. A man who knew her since childhood, a man who devoted his life to Shioro. Such a passionate and affectionate love indeed. She was blissfully happy when her soul-mate asked for a proposal. He asked and she ecstatically said yes. Months and days have passed, they moved into a new home, a new life, a new purpose, carrying a child in the uterus of Shioro. Despite the fact that Akira was financially woeful, Shioro loved him immensely and she recklessly contemplates regarding Akira’s financial support. Akira has fallen in profound melancholy and wrath because of his deficiency of hopes and anticipations of success. Akira has sentimentally metamorphosed into a very dire person, and begun to abhor his lovely and charming wife, neglecting her, and treating her badly, leaving her with the baby in her womb; struggling the awful life all alone. Other than that, he initiated some business with a very wealthy woman named Rina; which he had love affairs with for days, and months. In the end, Rina capriciously fell in love with him, notwithstanding his low financial state, and that he was already wedded. Rina’s father decided one day to see Akira. He told him that he is compelling himself through guilt and what a shame that he already has a wife which she loves him very much. He kept scolding him, mentioning all the bitterness of life, telling him to wake up and that life is completely a lesson that it has to be learned the way it should be. Not by cheating, but with uprightness, integrity and truthfulness, also hard work. The poor man Akira listened to his speech attentively, and left hastily his Nihon Kaoku. Akira kept pondering for a long time regarding Rina’s father speech. Afterward, a wicked plan commenced to shape into his mind. Then he thought for a second that the only path he could marry Rina was to somehow leave his wife and her prenatal child. He knew that the facile way to achieve his aim is to secretly hurt his beloved one with toxin, and pretend that she had died of normal reasons. Shioro was absolutely uninformed of Akira’s very unpleasant plot. Rapturously, not aware of the destiny that was about to strike her, and continually preparing for the birth of their baby that Shioro has been dreaming of all along. One night, when Shioro and Akira were having a seat to eat dinner, she observed her love was acting oddly tranquil and agitated. She insisted and told him to him to eat his food, yet he wouldn’t touch it. Unexpectedly, yelled at Shioro telling her to abstain from irritating him, and to eat her own meal. Instead, she essentially needed to be strong for the baby that she carries in her womb, Akira said. She eventually gave up attempting to entice Akira’s appetite, but failed, and carried on eating her meal. She felt very sick after finishing her dinner; Akira kept staring at her bitterly as the venom circulating in her veins knowing that his wicked and demonic plan has successfully worked, not proposing her any assistance or relief. Yet Shioro had been too strong to die right away. Her captivating face became very ugly and deformed from the toxin she had. Then, she has fallen into unconsciousness. Akira was too much of a dunce to finish up the work he commenced, so he put Shioro’s dead body in bed. Finally she woke up from the coma, remembering not a single thing of the poisoning. Her face looked so ugly and awful, she lost her baby, yet she lived. Akira was hopeless. He performed the role of a worried husband, he still kept insisting for any possible way to eliminate Shiori from his sight. Again, one evening he took her for a long walk which led them to a cliff, and Akira looked around to see if anyone was around, then he realized that none was there. Akira pushed her ruthlessly off the edge. Her screwed body was recuperated and Akira bestowed her the finest funeral he could ever provide, using up all his money in a wonderful show of matrimonial faithfulness. Absolutely, Akira assumed that his money worries were just a phase passing, since his wife has gone. Once Akira got rid of his wife, he started to contemplate and planning his marriage to Rina. The night before the wedding was to occur, he has begun to remark that his bedside light bulb commenced to blur. He glanced at it bizarrely, as it appeared to be altered. The ugly face of Shiori unexpectedly replaced the lamp, becoming larger and larger in his room. “DISLOYAL!” It shouted. Akira immediately snatched a long slender piece of wood and swung at the ugly face of Shiori, but she disappeared and the light bulb shattered and fell to the floor. Akira was thinking that he has heard the feeble laughter of some woman from outside. Agitated, he persuaded himself that the scenery he saw basically the result of consuming too much of alcohol earlier, and gone to bed. The day after, Akira neglected and forgotten what he has undergone last night, and the phantom that he has seen during intoxication. He and Rina was married, and when he uncovered her veil, yet, her attractive face was replaced by Shiori’s deformed ugly visage. “DISLOYAL” she shouted. The shocked Akira pulled out his sword then moved it back and forth and the spectral manifestation, cutting subconsciously and ruthlessly Shiori’s head off, that was rolling down the walkway of Church, yet when it stopped rolling, it had Rina’s visage and not Shiori’s. He heard the feeble annoying sound of scornful laughter again. Akira desperately ran to his very poor house, seeking for a place to hide. There was a smashing at the door, and Rina’s grandmother strongly demanded to open the door. Once Akira did, Shiori was standing right there. “DISLOYAL” she shouted. Once more, Akira tried to cut off her head, but when his curved sharp blade finished its work, it was Rina’s grandmother that he murdered. Akira ran for the headlands, Shiori’s laughter chasing him. He ceased running then stop at the line, and took a look down, possibly changing his mind. It wasn’t important. Eyewitnesses reported viewing a ghostly woman pushing Akira off the edge before leaping after her husband, laughing so hard all the way down. 

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