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Read me if you have ever been in love.

This short story illustrated is about a love, an undying love that two great souls shared together. However something terrible happened and now the unnamed girl is unsure whether it was truly ceaseless love or just a merry infatuation.

PS: It's unfinished but I'm still posting it.

Submitted: August 19, 2014

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Submitted: August 19, 2014



For you

In the beginning…

She was just a normal girl, having a normal day, until these series of events happened to her. All of which she could keenly recall, all of which, except the day he fell out of love with her. She had fallen in and out of love couple of times. She hurt and was being hurt couple of times. She lived and died couple of times. She felt happiness and pain couple of times. She had side- glanced at the sun and stared at the moon couple of times. But, She had never day dream and had long sleepless nights, She had never long for something she has never seen in person with her own naked eyes, She had never cried and laugh at the same time, She had never smiled so much her cheekbones hurt, She had never watch someone blush and felt so loved, She had never cried and fall asleep together with another, She had never stared at the sky and wonder why, she had never met someone she felt so completely connected to online, and most importantly she had never loved from the very core of her fragile heart.

It was the 17th June. For most of us, including her, it was just a normal Tuesday, where everybody’s just going about carrying out their respective businesses. It was summer already in her tropical country, and she was bored as hell. It was a hot day and she couldn’t wait for it to be over and have that sexy cool breeze sweep itself through her window. The night came faster than she expected and she was already in bed indulging herself in the breezy goodness. It was so satisfying, she almost forgot she had to reply to someone she was texting on this new app she’d downloaded called “Chatous”.  The app was just one where you meet strangers, some were full out weirdoes, some were over confidential dickwads while others were pretty much normal, delightful and friendly people. You must be wondering why is she even on a site like that? Well, it was only because she had one great reason to, she met someone. He wasn’t a weirdo or a douchebag, well you can’t really judge the book by its cover, but he didn’t appear to be so. He was warm, comforting, happy and most importantly a great fun soul. They exchanged pictures and she couldn’t stop staring at his lively sky blue eyes. They were the most beautiful pair of globular organs her eyes have ever seen. They were calm yet exciting, they were just eyes, but they were perfectly perfect. So perfect and nice she had to mention “perfect” twice. She was startled when she stared into them because it was almost like they were staring right back at her. Their conversation lasted a while, probably the longest one she had had since she downloaded ‘Chatous”.  For the first time, she wasn’t yawning after an hour, or losing her rolling stone- like interest. She was very much awake and alert and happy. Isn’t it absurd how a total stranger can make another happy? She was so happy that texting wasn’t enough for her; luckily they both had iMessage, so she asked him to send her a voice note because she wanted to hear his voice. She even told him that. She was so tremendously brave. She hardly knew what to expect as she patiently waited. Truth was, She already started to like him because, 1. He didn’t hit on her, 2. He genuinely made her laugh and 3. He was cute. Of course she didn’t tell him all of that. She just said “I wanted to hear your voice.” He didn’t probe either and maybe that’s what she liked about him so much. Her phone lighted up and she saw his name, something she was quickly getting used to, for some strange reason, She was nervous. She swiped and unlocked and clicked on the voice note. He said he wasn’t creative and so she was preparing herself for a straightforward “Hi, how are you?”  To her sweet surprise, it was just more than that and a little over. He asked about her day and he laughed at his own remark, by then, she was already on her feet, prancing around, smiling with her earpiece on. For a boy in his early twenties, his voice was deep and low- pitched. And his laugh was funny, so funny, even if she didn’t want to laugh, she just had to somehow! She decided to send him a voice note expressing how soothing it was to hear his voice. And so the complimenting of each other began. She told him his voice was “deeper than I thought but nice,” and he told her, "your voice is beautiful". Despite the fact, she knew she was falling…slowly and silently for him, she built her walls up higher because she knew from past personal experience, love was an excitingly scary thing to get involved in. The night passed by in the blink of an eye but the very next day she couldn’t wait to open her eyes and talk to her new friend! He lived approximately 7, 500 kilometers away from her and he was five hours ahead of her. So he was up before her and she was ever so happy to see his name, first thing in the morning. While they talked and talked and talked and talked…he did something that sincerely melt her ice boxed heart. He asked about her family. “Tell me everything; tell me all about your family. I want to know you and your family and culture a bit more.” She was so overwhelmed with joy; her hazel brown eyes welled up, as she wore a giant smile on her round face. No one has ever cared to ask about her family, especially a guy. They were either always into her upper fullness or who she was. In other words, to most boys in the city where she lived she was seen as a sex machine or a be-with-her-and-get-famous-girl. Because of this, receiving so much clean attention and kindness from my new friend, she just wanted to take her own hand and break down those walls she had once built. She felt like he was an old soul, a person who lived many years, a special person, a fine guy with a fat heart, and most importantly a person she was destined to meet and fall madly in love with.

Days passed by and they didn’t even care whether it was day or night, as long as they were conversing and having their usual fun. They were so into each other but nobody said anything. It was what people called “summer love,” or maybe it was more than that.  Nevertheless, whatever it was titled as or whatever the title may have been, she didn’t care one bit because love never felt that good and she was on the verge of letting him walk right into her heart.

Seven wonderful days passed by and on the 24th June, something nothing short amazing happened.  She was having a really bad night, one of those nights where her past came back to haunt her. The Ghost from her past suddenly popped in back her life and she was in a situation where she had to make an ultimatum between going back with her past, whom she loved a lot but wasn’t happy anymore with him, or her present, whom she wanted to give a thousand reasons to be with and a thousand more to fall even deeper in love with.  However, with her present she didn’t want to take a risk because she had no idea whether he loved her or not. So she instead confided in him, she told him about her countless problems and he listened. He didn’t judge her or got upset. He just stayed with her and listened. At that very moment, she knew who she wanted, she knew where her fragile heart belonged, and she knew it was with no other than him. Before she could’ve tell him her feelings, he told her in a diplomatic way how he felt for her. He didn’t say “I love you” he didn’t say those three magical words but she didn’t even care because she was so happy to learn that the feeling was mutual. She began to cry endlessly. Tears of unplanned joy coated her cheeks and she just sat there, in her favourite hammock, and cry.  She couldn’t mustard the strength to reply. She was so happy. He continued to text. He let everything out. He told her how much he loved her from the very first day, from the very first hi, his heart already felt a deep connection and he just liked how perfect she was. He loved everything about her; her clean slate, her intelligent mind, her humor, her smile and most importantly her heart. “Oh God,” she wept softly as she covered her face with her soft hands. Her heart pounded so loudly through her tank top, it was deafening to her ears. Her breath paused for a while she thought she was being suffocated. But boy, she loved every bit of feeling she received. She loved it all, she loved HIM.

On that very night, they both told each other “I love you”, they both cried, they both laughed, they both talked for hours and made plans about seeing each other and being with each other forever. Everything was happening so fast, but she was happy and so was he and to them that was all that mattered.
The next day, it was all rainbows and sunshine. She couldn’t believe she was so much in love with this guy and he couldn’t believe he actually found the one, the only girl he was so crazy in love with. They were in love. They were happy. Every day for that month, he would send her long good morning messages, he would fall asleep after her and he would get up before her. He would ensure she is the last thing he talked to and the first thing she talked to in the morning. He was there for her all the time. She loved that, she loved it so much it scared her because she thought one day it may all end and he would stop loving her, or being crazy about her. She let it go however, because she knew his love was true. They were the happiest and most fun couple of God’s earth. They made jokes over “eggs, toast, bananas and Felix (his pet cat)”, she always teased him he’s gay and the only way she would stop saying it is if he proved it to her. He would tease her back by talking sexy and kissing his cat while he was on the phone, video-chatting with her. They never failed to make each other laugh. Some days he would send her videos just to say he loves her and he misses her. Some days she would call him just to say she wants to hear his god sent voice and his hearty laughter. They were beautiful together and certainly inseparable.

They’re lives were prefect. He told his mum and dad about his girlfriend, the only girl that captured his heart in the milliseconds of time. He started to work, so he could’ve earned enough money to see her. She couldn’t understand how a person could love another so much, he would travel half way around the world just to see her. If someone had told her long ago that she was going to meet a person like that in couple years, she would’ve called them crazy. But it was happening, it was true, up and going. She called him her blessing, her blue eyed hunny bunny and he called her his butterfly; his beautiful butterfly. She had many dreams and one main ambition, and he was willing to stand by her through all of it. He wanted her to spread her wings and fly and be happy, always and forever.
They were so surreal. Nothing can ever go wrong between these two amazing wondrous love birds. Well, at least that’s what it seemed like.  
It was the month of August already, they already happily and lovingly celebrated their first anniversary and they were texting as usual. Still in love and crazy about each other. When something…something really horrible happened. Horrible is an understatement to describe what happened. It was painful, it was excruciating, and it was something no one would ever what to feel. It was hopeless shameful in the name of love and very sad. She heard her mother’s cell phone ring and she didn’t see anyone around and so she picked it up and said “Hello,” then it all happened. She froze in the moment after she 




to be continued...

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