howling winds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
ugh, i suck at writting horror. >< but this was for an assignment at school so i did my best.
and btw the character tyler is based on someone i go to school with who annoys me. >D and he REALLY annoyed me today so he got glass in his arm. xD
(no offence to the real tyler, but if you continue to annoy me i make you suffer as a character in my stories.)
hope you enjoy!

Submitted: April 03, 2009

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Submitted: April 03, 2009



“There’s no way it’ll hit us.”

Oh how I had wished that was true. Looking at it now, it had a better shot at coming true than not. We would’ve been lucky that day.

* * *

I sat in the car on the way to school that day it’s quiet as it usually is in the morning, the two of us grandpa and me; keeping our thoughts to ourselves. My thoughts wandering off; as they usually do. Though this morning my attention is drawn from the happy place I usually disappear to, to kill the awkwardness of silent car ride anywhere. It’s raining; I can see lightning and hear thunder in the distance. A particularly large bolt of lightning dove from the sky.

“That’s a big one,” my grandpa chuckled. “This storm’s going to be a doozy.” He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. “I wonder if it’ll hit us later.”

I glanced over and at the window. “Nah. No way.” I said adamantly. “There’s no way it’ll hit us.”

* * *

That conversation had been several hours ago. Now, instead of being in the car, I was sitting in school, listening to some boring lecture on the constuition and the amendments in one of my least favorite classes of the day. Usually I’d sit here, falling asleep sitting up, my head just lazily bobbing off to the side, allowing everything the teacher was talking about to just fly right over head, none of it sinking in whatsoever.

We’ve had several lectures like this in the past few weeks, just to kill the last lingering days left before spring break. One week off. I can’t wait any longer.

As the teacher’s lecture keeps going on about the 6th amendment and how important it may be to the delinquents in our class later on in life; my attention is elsewhere. It’s always elsewhere, actually. Though, no one has to know that.


Today, instead of watching the teacher pacing the front of room in front of various maps and pull down photocopies of the constuiton, the bill of rights, the amendments,  I’m watching the window; the weather outside is downright mean looking today.

And it’s usually like this around this time of year, there’s tons of thunderstorms, rain, hail; the works. Anyways, the giant tree just outside the window was being whipped around by the wind. Quite violently. An earth shattering crash of thunder rumbled from the horizon, rousing most of the people sitting the closest to the windows up from their mid morning naps. (Apparently I’m not the only one bored to tears by this class.)

Following that the wind began to pick up and just as the heads began to dip again one of the branches being thrown around whipped over and came careening towards the window, crashing right into it. A few people screamed. I know one meek little sophomore sitting in the back row, just behind the window’s head popped right up at the sudden interruption.  One of the classes’s resident jerks hit her on the head with his paper, half asleep, grumbling to be quiet. The class rose in an uproar of chatter and murmurs, the teacher shook his head in disgust. “Could everyone be quiet, PLEA—“ the statement he had almost screamed at us was cut off by a sickening crack on the glass window.

 Before most people could even react the tree branch that had beaten the glass earlier suddenly came back to life and whipped it’s trunk around, swinging it’s ten-ton limbs at our defenseless windows. One of the branches shot towards us, crashing into the pane it instantly shattered. Glass flew into the room, scattered and littered the floor, assorted shards flew into people’s bags and even hit some people, I put up a binder for protection.

Most people then grabbed what they had and scattered, scurrying as quickly away from the windows as quick as our feet could carry us.

“n- now now, everyone just calm down…” our teacher cautioned. “there’s no need to panic…” he turned from the panicking us to the desk and picked up the phone. “I’ll just have a custodian come clean it up—“ as he walked over to pick up the phone someone rose from their seats and pointed out the broken windows, a blaring noise hummed to life outside. “the sirens!”

The monotone warning blared above out heads, by now my heart was racing in my chest, and it took a lot to do that, I wasn’t usually scared by this since it happened a lot here, but I hadn’t seen anything like this before.

“N- Now now, everyone please,” my teacher pleaded with us with the last fiber of his sanity. “l- Let’s try to stay calm. Everyone please form a single file line and move to the safety area…” the end of that suggestion was unheard, the sound of chairs scraping across the floor and feet racing towards the door blared it all out. People in the class formed a mob and charged out the door like a Calvary heading out to kill the enemy in war. I slowly rose from my desk and calmly headed towards the door, avoiding getting sucked into the mob, though that was unsuccessful. People split up and formed groups with their friends, pushing and shoving to get ahead of the mob to get to safety first.

As the conglomerate of people raced down the hallway people were yanked off the sidelines and grabbed and pulled in. I unfortunately, ended up being one of those people. Now I know how the unfortunate cow or the family in katamari felt when they got rolled up in the middle of all the junk stuck to that ball.

“ALLY!” someone in the mob screamed at me, I looked up from being jostled around like a bath toy accidentally left on the beach in a storm to see one of my closest friends calling out to me. What a relief. Julia had a hand outstretched to me, though I had very little time to contemplate weither or not to grab said hand, kally didn’t give me that option and grabbed my shirt, yanking me in. “glad we found you.” I nodded. “Ditto.”

Though as I opened my mouth to add more to that statement the glass windows all around me in the cafeteria lobby succumbed to the mercy of the unforgiving winds and shattered. More people screamed, the mob became closer knit and they charged even faster.

The blaring echoed through all of the broken windows, more people screamed, more glass broke and the warning sirens blared in our ears and echoed off the hallways,

The mob pushed and shoved their way out,

“THIS SUCKS!” Julia screamed over the roaring, Sara and I flinched.

I nodded, the people screamed and pushed us around, jostling, eventually we got fed up and the first chance we got we bolted.

It was Julia who yanked on my hand who jolted Sara, “look! A hallway!”

I looked down the hallway Julia was dragging us frantically away and into.

A large glass window followed by stairs and two enclosed rooms on either side. From the window you could see the harsh sky and the actual storm, a giant black pillar, barreling towards the window, towards us. “D-Dj! I- I don’t think this is such a good idea!”

Julia, our resident mental patient merely shrugged it off “we’ll be fine, it’s a route to the shelter. Would I ever let you guys get crushed by a giant tornado?”

Before Sara and I either decided to answer or ran from our mental patient before she got us killed, the window pane shattered, a group rushed towards us and past us, thankfully shielding us from the shrapnel fire. “MY ARM!” a guy in the group shouted, I glanced at him, studying him i felt sorry for him for a moment before I realized who he was. Suddenly I didn’t feel sorry for him anymore. Tyler was the jerk from my class earlier.

Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against the guy…he just annoyed me to all hell, was all.

One of the other people knelt down and lifted him up, they tripped down the stairs.

I watched them go, I almost chuckled as Tyler’s complaints could be heard down the hall.

He of course I guess heard me because he turned and chuckled. “hey ally.” He snickered and pointed outside at the storm. “some storm this is huh? It’s huge.”

I rolled my eyes and reached out, smacking him over the head. “shut up.”

Last time I ever share my deepest or darkest fears in the presence of an audience again.

I don’t care if I’m being graded, next time I take the F!

He rubbed his head and looked up at me. “what the hell was that for?!”

“do you really want to know?” I rolled my eyes. I had no time for his stupidity.

“you know very well what for.”

He rolled his eyes “for mentioning that you hate storms?”

“you’re in highschool. Shouldn’t your brain be bigger than the size of a fly’s?”

“shouldn’t your face be clear and problem free?”

I glared. “now is not the time for insults.”

“look whose talking.”

“Now isn’t the time for anything…” the other person, a girl I knew fairly well from science class and gym two terms ago was helping Tyler down the stairs.

“huh?” I looked at her. “meaning?” she pointed at the window before helping tyler up and down the stairs. “we should get to the shelter.”

I nodded and glanced out the window at the storm, the whole reason I had wandered down this hallway in the first place, “that’s right, hey socks! Dj! Let’s go!” I turned over my shoulder and stared into the dark hallway. Sara and Julia were both gone. “guys…?”

I looked around and listened. Seeing if I could see any sign of them. They’d both vanished. “guys?!”

Nothing. I was left standing there in the middle of the dark hallway, the howling wind the only thing I could hear...

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