Two sides to the same person

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I put this on another website and its just a short story.

Submitted: January 10, 2010

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Submitted: January 10, 2010



There I was running gasping for air. Yelling for help, no one anwsered. It was dark outside and only the street lights were my source of light. I couldn't see what up ahead and I didn't look back to see what or who was chasing me. All I could think of was get out of here, make it home, make it somewhere safe. I kept running my lungs burning I wouldn't stop, no I couldn't stop. I didnt know what to do, I didn't even know what was chasing me. So as I kept running I wanted to see what I was running from; the thing that was chasing me in the darkness. I turned my head to take a little look to see the horrid face of the twisted creature chasing me. That was a mistake, as I looked back see I seen a figure chasing me, holding a huge knife, and as I turned around to face the other way again I hit a pole. Smash! My face hit the metal that was in front of me and I blacked out.
I woke up with a cut across my forehead and my lip was busted. When I opened my eyes I seen a bright light in my face, a blinding light. I tryed to move, but I noticed that I was tied down, so I tilted my head up to see who this person was. I looked at the figure, my eyes adjusting to the light, I seen a doctor? Or at least I thought it was a doctor. Just then I felt a pain in my chest and as I looked down I became disgusted. I seen my chest split open and my heart gone; but wait thats impossible I'm still alive! Then I noticed there was a body beside me, lifeless lying there, woth no heart also. 
 The "doctor" came over to me and placed a heart back in my chest and there was sudden evilness brewing inside me. He stitched my chest back up and I passed out again. I woke once again to the same place I was in, but there were lights everywhere. I looked to my side to see whose heart I got earlier on and when I seen the face on the lifeless I was in shock. That lifeless body lying beside this whole time, the thing in the darkness chasing, was me...

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