Andie and Luke

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Luke is Terribly in Love with Andie, he dreams of having a life with her and marrying her. But will his dreams score big, or will he be left heartbroken?


Andie and Luke Grew up together. Andie was in 8th Grade, and so was Luke. In fact, they went to the same school and were in the same class
for most of their lives. Andie and Luke lived right next door to eachother,so on some nights, when the air was crisp, Luke would sneak out 
of his home to see Andie. Luke would climb the fire escape and jump on the roof, and go through Andie's bedroom window. Luke had secretly 
loved Andie for more than three years now, but Andie only thought of him as her best friend.One night this is what happened.
"Darn!", Luke said. Luke had forgotten the flower he was going to give to Andie, in his house.So, being the Gentleman he is, Luke climbed 
back into his house, grabbed the red rose, and dashed out again. Tonight was the night, Luke decided, that he was going to tell Andie he loved 
Luke had been planning for this night for three years.Luke thought that Andie was perfect, her Tan fit body, her Beautiful face, 
her Blondish-Brown hair, and she was perfectly smart.Luke almost forgot the time when he had hosted a pool party in his backyard,
and when he invited Andie, she arrived in her bathing suit, flip flops and holding a towl. Just her bathing suit, no cover up or anything. 
That fact bothered Luke so much, the fact that it  was so easy to look at her....body. But then, Luke remembered the worst part. 
It was all so clear, like it had just happened yesturday. 
(Flashback to Pool Party day)
Luke had to use the restroom really bad. When Andie had arrived in her tight-fitting, small bathing suit, Luke left the room and left Andie to 
use the restroom. Luke's house only had one Bathroom at the moment, because the others were under remodeling, so you could'nt enter them. Luke 
thought he heard Andie outside in the pool, so he thought it was safe to enter the bathroom. What he didn't know was that Andie was still in the
bathroom, bare naked, bending down right in front of the door.
"Ugh, C'MON BATHING SUIT! COME OFF ALREADY!" cried Andie. Andie felt uncomfortable in her 2-piece, Roxy bathing suit. It, for one, was really 
small on her, and it had holes on the top, so you could see skin. Luckily, Andie's friend, Laura Stiener, had brought along an extra really cute
suit for her to wear. As Andie took off her tight Roxy Bathing Suit, she felt awkward, standing in the bathroom, naked in a friends house who 
happends to be a boy. Andie was trying to make loud noises, so that people can tell that there is someone in the bathroom. She wouldn't have to
do that, if there were locks on these doors. "Thank you! Gosh!" Andie sighed with relief as she slippped off her old Bathingsuit. "Whoops"Andie
said, because she had just dropped the top to her old bathing suit. As Andie bent down to pick it up, she heard someone running to the bathroom, 
and before she could put anything to cover her and to move, she got toppeled over. "MMMHMMMMMHH??" That's the sound Andie made when that person 
flew in throught the door and nearly almost tackled her. Andie looked up at who was on top of her. "Oh my god"....Andie gasped, IT WAS LUKE!
Trip.Luke landed on something. Luke suprisingly didn't feel any pain, even through he had just tripped and fell through the door on top of 
something. Someone? Luke's vision was becoming more clear and he started to realize that his landing pad was someone......ANDIE!"AHHHH!" Andie 
screamed. It was only then when luke realized why she was screaming. Luke had crashed through the door and was laying on her naked body! Luke 
couldn't handel this,. He looked from Andie's chest, to Andie, and repeated several times, while Andie scrambeled to find clothing. Then Luke 
jumped into reaction. Luke jumped off Andie and helped her up. "I am SOOO sorry Andie!!" Luke apoligized. Andie stayed silent. Then a few moments
later, Andie said, "Let's just forget about this whole thing, okay?....I think i am gonna go home now. Bye Luke.See you Monday." Andie quickly 
put her clothes back on and strode out of the bathroom with all of her things. 
After the party, it was all Luke could think about. The Awkward silences between them seemed to go on for eternity, and Luke was sure that 
Andie would never forgive him and they would never speak again. Luke worried this would happen, and Luke always tried to keep their friendship
in tact, so that mabey one day, she would finally think differently about him. But soon Luke fell asleep Fast, and that is all he could dream
Yes, Monday did finally come around, and Luke was dreading it. He didn't want to confront Andie, or say anything wrong, in fear of ending their 
bond. So, Luke decided to just go to school and act like it was just a Regular day. Andie was there, and when Luke saw her, he surely thought 
she would hate him for forever. But suprisingly, that didn't happen. Andie just walked up to him and asked how their Science project on the 
Sun was going, smiled and left. But could that possibly mean she might have some feelings for him as well? 
Luke snapped out of his Flashback. He crouched down and knocked on the window of Andie's door. And sure enough, that Beautiful face appeared, 
smiled and let him in. "Shhhh!" Andie whispered, "My parents are sleeping!". "Okay, Okay! I am quiet!" Luke told her. As Andie closed the 
window, Luke nonticed her clothing. Andie was wearing a pure White, Satin, nightdown, about ankle long and it's edges were covered in beautiful 
lace. Andie looked especially beautiful tonight, and knew tonight was the perfect night. "Why does she have makeup on?" Luke thought to himself.
"Does she know about tonight?" Luke wondered. Suddenly, Luke got really nerveous. Luke checked the timne on his phone. 4:36 A.M. Andie turned 
around and sat on her bed and Looked at Luke. Luke didn't know what else to say to fill the silence, so he said, "You look nice tonight Andie.."
"Thanks Luke, i only wear this on special nights." Luke freaked out. "She probably does know! Am i really that obvious?". Luke handed Andie the
Rose and said, "For you". Andie took the rose and smiled. She looked at him and said, "Its beautiful Luke! Thanks!". "No problem". Andie looked 
lonley sitting on her bed all alone. And as if she had read his mind, Andie said, "Luke why don't you come over here and sit next to me.."
"Sure", Luke said. Luke walked over and sat next to Andie. Another Silence filled the air. Luke decided it was time. "Andie?" Luke asked. "Yes, 
Luke?", Andie replied. Luke sighed and said,"I dont know how to put this, but i just wanted to tell you that i like you, and that you are the 
most perfect person i know. And i think i might love you". Andie looked at Luke. "Luke, i...i...i have always wanted to tell you the same! Ever 
since the accident at your pool party, i always thought you were such a Gentleman helping me up and pretending it was no biggie....And i think
i might love you too..". Luke looked Andie in they eyes. They leaned in and kissed together. 
As Andie and Luke kissed, Andie couldn't help notice that his tounge kept sliding into her mouth. His lips were perfectly smooth and it felt
comforting and nice to kiss him. Now they were Making out. Andie opened her eyes and looked at Luke, she could tell he was enjoying this moment 
too. Luke began to slowly push Andie on her back on the bed, until they were kissing on the bed. Andie knew they couldn't do this at this age, 
so she knew she would have to pull away. Andie pulled away and caught her breath. "What's wrong?" Luke said, smiling. "We can't do this right 
now...We are too young!". Luke agreed it would be a smart idea to not do it now and they just huggged for a few seconds. "I love you" Andie 
whispered into Luke's ear. And luke replied "Always and forever". Luke looked at his phone and gasped, it was 4:58 A.M! "Andie! i really have 
to go! My dad wakes up at 5:00 A.M to go to work! If he cathches me out of the house i will be in huge trouble!. Luke quickly grabbed his things
and started to climb out the window. "Wait!Luke wait!" Andie cried. Andie ran up to him, plucked off a petal off her rose and handed it to him,
and said, "I will always love you Luke..Take this".As Luke ran off into the night on the roof, Andie turned off her light, got in bed, and Fell 
fast asleep. 
Luke ran across the rooftops, jumping over poles, climbing ladders and sprinting by chimneys. Atlas, he had reached home. He slid the wondow
open, threw his pajamas on, climbed into bed and just like Andie, fell fast asleep. 
At Breakfast, nothing Seemed real for Andie and Luke. They both felt like it was just another dream. They both got ready for school. It was
a friday that day, so it was a half day and their school gets let out early. Andie and Luke went to school, saw eachother in the halls, had no 
time to chat or else they would be late for class. After school, Andie and Luke walked home together. "Andie, since we are getting serious about
our relationship, i was wondering if you want to be my girlfriend..". "I would love too Luke!" Andie said, gleaming with Joy. "Great!" Luke 
said. Their relationship was secret, and nobody knew, even their parents.
One night, a few months after they became official, it was summertime, and Andie's parents were out of town with Andie's sister, Megan. Megan 
had a volleyball tournament for three days in Washington D.C. Andie had finially prusuaded her parents to let her stay without a Babysitter or 
anyting like that. Andie invited Luke over to her house to hang out for a movie night.Andie had choosen the movie, "The Waitress", because it
was suppost to be really Romantic. Luke came over and watched about half of the movie with Andie when an awkward bedroom scene came on. Andie
quickly paused it and apoligized to Luke. "Nah, its fine, i mean, you didn't even know that was even in there!" Luke assured her. "Okay" 
Andie said. "Okay".
Andie stared into Luke's beautiful hazel eyes. She wanted to make out with him so bad!When she could no longer resist the urge, she bent over 
and kissed him. Things got wierd then. As Andie and Luke made their way to the bedroom, she worried about if somone found out what they were 
about to do. But it didn't matter to her. They wouln't find out if she didn't get pregnant. "What are the chances of me getting pregnant?" Andie
thought. So that night Andie and Luke did in fact do it. And when they finished Luke called his parents and told them he was going to sleep
over at his friend Kyle's house, which obviously, was a lie. Luke slept over at Andie's house that night. 
Andie's Parents are back from Washington D.C, Megan's team didn't win the Tournament, but they did win sencond Place, which was good enough for 
Megan. And no, Andie's parents and Luke's Parents still have no idea about their "Movie Night". But, Their Parents do know about them dating. 
"ANDIE! C'MON, HURRY UP OR ELSE WE WILL BE LATE!" Andie's mother Yells to her from the bottom of the stairs. Andie was going to a doctor check 
up, and honestly, she was scared to death. What if she was preganant? What would she do? But once again, Andie comforted herfelf by thinking 
about the odds of her being pregnant. Andie's parents surrounded her 24/7 and so she had no time to get Pregancy tests. Andie reassured 
herself, that she couldn't be pregnant. Andie made her way down the steps and into the car. Latley, she has been feeling wierd and out of the
ordinary. She had wierd symptoms and wierd pains. But suprises can happen....can't they?
When Andie had finally Arrived at the doctors office, Andie felt nauseated and car-sick, but managed to shake it off and walk in. Her doctor, 
Doctor Wyldes, brought her into the back room and gave her the check-up. Halfway through, her doctor said she noticed something in her stomach.
Luckily her mother was standing outside. "Andie, i am afraid i have some news. It can be good and it can be bad, but it depends on how you look 
at it. This may come as a shock to you, but....Andie....Your're Pregnant." The words hit Andie hard, and for a moment, she couldn't breathe.
"I...I..I'm..What???" Andie sobbed. "Pregnant....I am so..sorry Andie..Would you like me to tell you mothe-.." "NO! PLEASE DON'T!! IT WOULD RUIN
EVERYTHING I HAVE!!" Cried Andie. "Someone will have to tell her sometime.." Doctor Wyldes told her, "She will find out somehow.". "Is 
everything alright in there Andie?" Andie's Mom asked through the door. Andie tried to cover her croaky voice, with a confident one. "No, Mom!
We are fine!!" Andie told her, trying to hold back tears. "I am just perfectly fine..."
Later that night, when everyone was asleep, Andie called Luke and Invited him over."Hey!" Luke said when he saw her. But instantly, he noticed 
something was wrong."Whats wrong Andie?" asked Luke. "I..I'm Pregnant Luke. I AM FREAKING PREGNANT!!! WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOST TO DO NOW?
NOBODY BESIDES THE DOCTOR KNOWS AND I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO TELLL MY PARENTS!!!" Andie sobbed, running into Luke's comforting Arms. "Oh
God! I am so sorry! This is all my fault!!" Luke excmaimed. Footsteps. "o you hear that Andie? I hear fotsteps coming down the hall...they 
sound like they are getting closer!". "Luke go! Before anyone sees you!". Lukje jumpes out the window and runs away just before Andie's mom 
enters the room. "Who are you talking too? I heard voices."she askes Sicipiciously. "Oh. I was um..listining to a video me and a friend made..
we made it at school yesterday." Andie tells her. Andie quickly grabs her computer and shows her the video."Oh ok.I am sorry, i thought i had 
heard a BOY in your room!" she exclaimes. "Oh Mom..Hahaha." Andie jokes.
About Four Months later, Andie is in her bed thinking.Andie knows there is only one solution to this.She needs to run away. Her mom is already
catching on to her even though she keeps assuring her that she is just getting fat. Andie packs a few pair of clothes, food, a bit of water, 
a blanket and her Phone. Then she sets out. Andie opens her window, climbes out, shuts the windows and climbs all the way down the fire escape.
Then she runs. Andie ran as fast as she could to get out of there, and when she grew tired, she kept on walking. Andie entered the woods and
was crossing a very strong river, that leads off a huge waterfall with sharp, dangerous rocks in the water. Andie attemped to jump across, but
her backpack is too heavy to it forces her to fall back. Grasping for life, Andie is frantically tring to get a hold of something so she
won't be swept away by the currrent, but there is nothing to hold on to. The water pulls her to the edge of the waterfall, and it pushes her 
down.Then Black. Nothing but Black.
Luke wakes up and tries to call Andie. "Hi, this is Andie. I can't reach my phone right now, but i will call you back ASAP! Thanks! Bye!". 
She didn't answer. Luke doesn'nt make much of it, and he goes to school. He suprisngly doesn't see her at school and begins to wory. 
After Luke gets home from school, he turns on "Action News 8 LIVE", but he gets a call from Andie's Mom."Hey Luke, could you tell Andie to come
home immeditaly? Its really important. Tell her that i never want her staying the night with you, Luke, ever again. Nothing against you Luke..".
"Oh, Um..Yea i will try to do that. But wait, wasn't she with you last night? Or today?". "No, i thought you would see her at school today!".
"Mrs. Parker, she wasn't at school or with me last night at all... i thought she was sick and thats why she didn't go to school today." 
TV: "Girl's body found Near Waterfall Haenna...Jogger, John Adams was taking a regular morning walk, when he looks into what he thought would 
be a beautiful waterfall, he sees a dead body. The Girl had been Identified as......."
Luke:"Oh my god. please no...PLEASE NO!!!!!"
Mrs.Parker: "WHAT?! TELL ME!!!"
TV:"Jennifer Feers.
Luke:"Omigod, that SCARED ME! I am just so happy that wasn't Andi-"
TV:"Oops, i am so sorry. There has been a mistake. The Body has been identified as Andie Parker."
Mrs Parker:................... *call ended*
NBC:"Teenage Girl Found Dead..."
Channel7News:"By a waterfall.."
News108:"The body has been identified as...."
KUSI:"Andie Parker..."
Luke has never been the same. Every day for him, is just a reminder of what could of been his.They were going to have a family 
together. And now it's all gone. Gone. Out of reach. Forever.Luke will never forget. Ever since the death, Luke has been getting heart failures
and hear attacks. Even though it has been 10 years since Andie's death, he still cannot think about anything else and he would give up 
to get her back. But unfortunatly, in Luke's case. There is no turning back. No Re-winding time. The only thing you can do is accept it and
move on in life. Luke knows he could of saved her. He could of stopped her from runnning away. But he did'nt. Once you mess up, you cannot fix
it. It is permantly scarred and will never be replaced. Ever. 
The Funeral was Helt in August. It was a crisp day and it reminded Luke so much about her. He fekt her presence, but he still felt so cold and
sad. Live life to its fullest.

Submitted: April 24, 2012

© Copyright 2022 countess. All rights reserved.

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