Pain *Poem*

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Poem about Pain.

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



The pain 
The hurt 
The despair 
The sadness 

Blood falling 
Tears falling 
Pain in wrist 
Numbness in heart 

I scream but no one hears 
I cry but no one sees 
I run but no one chases 
I cut but no one cares 

The pain is what I feel 
The blood is what I see 
The silence is what I hear 
The loneliness is what I taste. 

I cry 
I cut 
I can't go on 
The pain is just too much. 

The hurt 
The anger 
The pain 
The grief 

Tears are falling 
Blood is dripping 
Tears are shedding 
Blood is falling 

Anger towards myself 
Anger towards everyone 
Wishing someone understood 
Wish I had someone 

The pain 
The hurt 
The blood 
The tears 

Soon it will end 
That I do know 
Soon my pain will be gone 
and I will hurt no more.

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