Yeast Infection In Dogs

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This is an informative article on yeast infections in dogs.

Submitted: May 30, 2014

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Submitted: May 30, 2014



Definition-  Yeast is a general term that refers to a kind of single-celled fungus that reproduces by a process called budding. Budding is a type of asexual or genderless reproduction in which a portion of the organism cell body becomes separated, pinching off to form a whole new yeast organism. Skin yeast infections are extremely common in domestic dogs, however, you still need medicine to treat it. Yeast likes to live in fatty tissues and is extremely fond of the ears. This fungus usually lives on dogs in small numbers. The infection happens when they over-populate.

Causes- Over-population of the yeast fungi.

If not treated- It could disable a dogs immune system. Which allows the yeast to grow uncontrollably causing the system to be altered causing a host of health problems and could lead to death.

What to do- Call your vet schedule an appointment.

Symptoms- Extreme itchiness, skin irritation, hair loss, dandruff, oily skin, stinky odor, ear infections, behavior change, and there are other symptoms too many to lisgt so if you think your pet has a yeast infection research it or go to your vet or better yet just call them for information and advice after all it doesn't cost to call and ask.

Treatment- Medication provided by your veterinarian.

Prevention- Drying of your dogs ears inside and out after baths and swimming. Also cleaning inside of your dog's ears all you need is cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide.

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