Country Music Highway

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Country Music Highway
eastern Kentucky, the home to many country music stars
like hillbilly willie and many others.
county music highway dreams.

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



Country Music Highway Dream Program

Country music highway singer Hillbilly Willie has started a  country music dream program.

check the web site out for detills




1.american country music artists in the usa have major  competition.

 2, a us music artist in europe and other parts of the world  has far less competition



so what the country music highway dream program do.the country music highway dream programs has music contacts  worldwide .we have music contacts


in every major form of music marketing  far larger the that in nashville with a bigger reach.



3,   any music artist from kentucky country music highway can apply  to enter the country music highway dream program.


4.  how do they apply  they can send a email directly to they should have  music on mp3 or film


they should make there own press kit

how do we start the country music dream program works like this


new music artists will work directly with country music highway artist hillbilly willie .our company will book direct gigs with major media exposure for the events.this media will rock  the nashville networks  and bring direct attention to the music artists,  


far more thn most nashville stars have now.



music artists in kentucky  can apply directly to us to review  there talents to see if there anyway possible to make there dreams of being a star


come true.


we currently have a opening  for new talent  to apply.





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