Philosopher's Stone and Elixir of Life

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My take on defining two important elements of life.

Submitted: August 15, 2014

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Submitted: August 15, 2014




 All of us are will agree that evey single individual is unique in his or her certain way. Why then are pred-defined standards prevalent in the society. Who framed those standards? Was it an average man? If it was, then what about the people who are not between the spectrum? What if those people are the ones who actual sandwich the spectrum? Will they be subject to the same rule as well. Should they be judged by similar norms? 

'Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid' Albert Einstein.

I couldn't agree more. Yet there will always be contrary views and opinions, for example a person may go on to ask, "What should the evaluation or judgement critertia be? "Let's consider a fictional case in which we somehow we revive a person who has undergone capital punishment, and compare him to the sentenced person who has not undergone the death penalty today. Will it not be wise to take an example of a fruit, which is poisonous until it ripes, and when it does ripe, peole can truly enjoy it's bountiful taste.

By stating the above two "fictional" examples, I want you to get a clear picture, that being, that our thought is subject to change. Our actions depend upon our thoughts, and our actions largely frame and potray our image. The image of positive light, the average image is taken as a standard, and the deviation is shunned upon. Even if some mathematical genius tries hard to frame an equation to uncover when exactly does the deviation become untolerable, he will, in his mind know that not all things can be held equal, the equation of life cannot be formed and depicted as a Universal equation. Let's take another scenrio in the following paragraph.

 In the first instance, there is a man who has a great sexual craving, simply wants to quench his thirst of lust. There is only one woman, on whom he can lay his hands upon. (We are assuming that all his feelings are directed to this one woman only) The woman is pious, and does not want to have a pre-marital and or exta marital affair (depending upon the time, pre-marriage or post-marriage) The man successfully rapes her, and is later announced punishment for doing so. Now consider another instance in which we have a nymphomanic at our hands. Both the individuals have sex, and both of them keep it as a secret, as if nothing had ever happened.

 Does the word sandwich now ring a bell? The two women in our example were completely contradictory to each other. Well, we atleast have two variables at our hand, being time and situation. Ofcourse, there are other points that you can come up with, but the "mind jolting" fact would be that all the poins you do come up with will revolve around these two variables. Our world is created by the binary combinations of these two elements, and thus if we ever want to "label", judge or evaluate a certain individual, we will refer to these two variables. But now the biggest mystery to unlock is how exaclty can we frame a method that uses the aforementioned "two' in an effective manner.



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