An unfortunate traveler wants to inform other people of the certain death traps.

I have this feeling of being trapped. Huge boulders are crushing me from all sides, there is no way to move out. I dread of being crushed, however I can’t move. I don’t know what to do. With all my strength, I try to push them as far as I can, but to no avail. They just keep getting back. Huge boulders, as big as big as 5 feet in diameter. One, has to find strength and courage to survive against this insurmountable situation.

 Each time the boulders come close, they create a state of ‘darkness’ that which cannot be openly comprehended. Only small holes formed at the top, make way for the daylight to enter. Creating bright specks in the enclosure. A simple observation that has much to tell.

 My choices being limited, as the passage of light shows. The only way I can be a free man again is if I push the boulders far apart, and allow light from infinite angles to enter.

After several attempts I fail to accomplish the task. Now the task at hand is to leave a message for others that being to avoid the 4 boulders at all cost. To live a free life one must refrain from dishonesty. One always has to remember the lies one has told others, hence the person is in an infinite trap. That explains why one of the boulders keeps coming back.

One must clear ones minds of any envy or jealousy. It does nothing but add more grief and sorrow to life of the ‘Envier’-the person envying someone. There will be countless traits and achievements which one desires in life, thus envy also is one of the boulders that does not let you live freely.

Corruption and other ill-practices to acquire something you are not entitles to, adds feeling of guilt. The guilt will then be an eternal companion to the individual involved in the malpractice. I he has embraced this ‘evil’ companion, it means he has learned to live with it, thus he is immune to the third boulder because he has become a stone himself. Thus, he is deprived of all things in life that a normal human being would enjoy.

The fourth boulder, doesn’t actually exist. It’s a mere deception, its shape and structure resembles that of the other three boulders. However, it’s almost impossible to spot it. One wrong move, and you end up pushing the ‘deceptive’ boulder that will burn you to death if you cross its path. Investigate, and never put your trust in deceptive people. They are hard to spot at first, but nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

 Alas, my tale ends here. I have touches this demonic boulder, and now death approaches me. I hope that someone does find this message, and pays heed to it. Spread the message, oh wise traveler. Live and let live. Peace.


Submitted: September 16, 2014

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