Pushing Danger: Prologue

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I wrote this in the summer of 2008 and I'm still not certain where I want to go with this. I have some cool ideas running through my head, but we'll see.

Premise: A man named Max Carter finds himself trapped in a tale of unimaginable twists after getting involved with something he shouldn't have. His life literally changes overnight, but will he ever live a normal life again or at all?

Submitted: January 30, 2009

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Submitted: January 30, 2009



Max sat in discomfort at a booth furthest from the front door of the diner. Beads of sweat pour from his forehead, slightly stinging his eyes. And his pulse quickens with every second. The fluorescent lights flicker over him and only him, as if they are trying to send him a message in code. He often chose this seating arrangement because he preferred to stay away from the nightly crowd.

The location of the diner itself was perfect. All of his past business meetings took place here, at this very booth. This diner is all that he knows. Now if he could only control this sickening sensation in his stomach. He had already done this many times before. Why is he so nervous now?

He stares down at his plate. "Damnit," he mutters to himself.

He can't even remember when he finished eating. He pushes his cup of coffee to the edge of the table, signaling the waitress for a refill. She comes over a few minutes later and gives him a fresh cup and an orange juice. She said the juice was on her, as she grinned flirtatiously. All he can conjure up is a smile, mostly for him because of the unfortunate timing.

He wipes his forehead and glances at the clock; it reads 10 pm. Another few minutes then I'm gone, he thinks to himself. While waiting, he has already scanned the room quite a few times. Max had never considered himself a people person, however he was good a reading people.

A couple near the door have been exchanging heated words for the past five minutes. Max tried his best to tune out the insipid noise, but unfortunately his curiosity and boredom got the best of him. Apparently, the woman has pegged her boyfriend for cheater and a liar. The boyfriend seems to take this rather lightly as he chuckles in a sarcastic manner.

Max keeps waiting for that infamous slap across the cheek, but it never comes. The girl breaks down into honest tears and the guy changes his demeanor. Max isn't sure if his indigestion is because of what he's seeing or that hearty meal he just ate.

He moves on to another character in the room. A man sits alone on a stool at the counter, sipping a cup of coffee. He is wearing a red baseball cap, which he has adjusted a few times while sitting there. And his clothes are a bit torn and ragged. Max had a closer look at his face when he walked in; he noticed the black and blue shiner over his right eye. And there is a bright red bruise near his mouth.

This only led Max's imagination to grab hold of him. Obviously, this guy lost. He can't be celebrating a win by chugging coffee with perplexed look on his face. Not to mention the bottle of aspirin he pulled out earlier from his pocket. What did this man say to someone to piss them off?

A woman with a young child, maybe seven, sit a few feet away from the man in the hat. She is trying to calm her son down as his squirms in his seat, shouting that he is hungry. Max notices that her shoes are untied. Only for a minute he thinks of letting her know that fact.

He couldn't let a pretty thing like that trip in front of her son. He's sure to feel guilty later on, right now he has more important things to worry about.

But, what's this? Could this be the one? A bright red car pulls into the parking lot.

The lighting from the moon and the neon sign are bouncing off of it; this car is in pristine condition. Max's gut told him that something will in fact go wrong tonight. And it was only a matter of time. Suddenly the door opens, causing Max to look up.

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