Indecisive Invitation

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With an apparition at his doorway, the nararrator finds himself in a battle of will. Remember to comment, like, and/or subcribe. Thanks for reading!

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



"Well? You gonna lemme in?" 
I stood silently at the doorway with a (inhuman) feminine silhouette staring (craving) at (for) me. Apparitions don't need permission to enter (unless they are vampires). The darker-than-night figure shifted its weight(do ghosts have weight?) from one foot to the other then began tapping it impatiently (hungrily). 
"I'm waiting." It cooed (growled). 
"Fuck off (Come in)." 
It stopped the tapping, but still stood at the door. The clouds parted for one blessed (cursed) streak of moonlight, briefly illuminating whoever (whatever) haunted my doorway. A nose-less face enveloped in dry, grey skin looked (glared) at me through eyes alight in a green haze. Instantly, they mesmerized (hypnotized) me. I fell into a trance that I couldn't (didn't want to) break. Slowly, I walked (floated) toward the creature (away from safety). Like a moth to flame (a bee to a sweet scented flower), I came ever closer to a figure which was (appeared to be) beautiful. Cold, dead skin turned rosy and warm. A nose twitched to catch a whiff of my fear (arousal). Still, two glowing green eyes stared (pierced) into me. The threshold between the interior and exterior of my house (life and death) was about to be crossed. I wanted to stay (go). If I went I would die. If I stayed (did I have the choice?) I'd live (a little longer). I went (fell) into the embrace (entrapment) of two loving (ravenous) arms (claws) that wanted nothing but to hold me there forever (and I couldn't have been happier).

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