All Alone (Dark Corners)

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How do you feel when lonely?

This is how I feel.

I actually have depression problems, and I wrote this in one of my 'phaises'

Hope you like it.

Submitted: January 14, 2009

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Submitted: January 14, 2009



 All Alone (Dark Corners)

Boredom, that may be part of it,

But nothing can nearly compare to the true deepest heart of it,

My pain?

There’s no main cause,

Only simple reason,

The way the blade seems so bright in the darkest times,

The way a window seems to creek with such...ESSENCE.

The way looks can deceive you to believe they care,

To believe for ONCE somebody’s there to catch you,

But their all the same,



It’s  ALL a complete waste of hope,


Their just there to shove a gag in your mouth and tell you to clean up your own regret,

To wipe of your own sweat,

To catch your own tears,

To count your own birthdays,

Until the day when their in their grave,

And THAT’S when you actually feel remorse,


Because in reality,

None of us is here for a significant reason,

I’m always restless,

Waiting for something to improve,

But it only leads to a tampered hope,

I look,




But I don’t FEEL anytinhg inside,

There’s no TRUE taste, smell, or feeling,

Because envious people tell you these things to make, you think it’ll make you better, or different,

To be truly SATISFIED,

That would be a day for true music,

To be a day to break a smile,

And actually feel like a weight was lifted,

To actually feel like something inside isn’t clustered with worry,

Worry for the only one you love,

Becoming ill with something difficult to seize,

And until their better you know you’ll only sink deeper,

Deeper into agony, into depression, into the sea of anger,

An anger more wild than any animal.



I just hope that if you actually take a second look,

Please, attempt to look deeper,

And see why I can’t think clearer,

To look and tell me your sorry,

And for god sakes MEAN it,

And I may swipe you off my list of total reasons,

For what?

I can never say,

For that shall always remain,

Deep inside my tortured brain,

Threading together the shattered remnants of my heart,

I’m lonely,

Lying in a corners getting outdated,

The floor grows into my bones,

As if I’d always been there,

And even if I wasn’t,

The dent was created,

Forever to taunt me more,

And more,

Until the torture has me lost on a shore,

Of an unfamiliar beach where no couple walked together,

No fish swim in the sea,

No one even knows it exists,

That’s because that’s where I go,

After I fall asleep in that same corner,

Waiting for someone to cure my...


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