In The Dead Of Night..

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A girl who dwells in darkness, because no one understands her.
That girl is me.

Submitted: September 05, 2010

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Submitted: September 05, 2010



in the dead of night she sings,
Her song the creatures bring,
in the darkness of her sorrow she hides,
blue eyes as vast as the sea...
and her hair it hangs in the strings of the rain that falls,
a tempest with hues of green,
and if only her song could be be heard by all who dwell here,
for in her lonliness resides a soul as pure as the snow,
from her shadows she dare not go,
but she would dream,
of a life that could never be.
and like beacons the sunlight falls,
cascading through the trees,
a light she could never reach.

In the dead of night she weeps,
with lips as red as her blood,
And the shadows they dance so gracefully,
calling her to the keep...
and her fingers like tendrils caress her cheeks,
clinging to all she can hold,
The limbs of time are broken,
snapped by her bloodied hands,
and lost be all she is,
she can never stand.
Dappled moonlight floods the grass,
envious immitations of what could be,
if ever she could dream.

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