My Darkness (A lost brother's view)

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Damon, lost and forgotten brother of the royal Iminuin family, speaks to his brother with words of hatred and misery. For he has been consumed by his hatred and has nothing left within but the shadows. His soul, left vulnerable, has been tattered like the sails of a lost ship, infested with monsters, and seeded with evil. My own spirit contains these feelings, so I hope you enjoy, for I have not written in quite some time. :)

Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Submitted: July 22, 2010



Where did you go?

Why did you leave me?

Banished be the shadows, shunned be the moon!

But brother you'd be nought, my darkness!

Sorrow be my anguish, by this tattered soul!

But of hatred I succumb to you,

My Shadows!

The gallows of this hate,

a sea's throat so deep,

Gizmoes of this wretched fate,

Seperated yet stuck to you!

...for eternity!

Forever shall the moon descend,

lost and forgotten,

Until the night should rise again.

The sun's beams a cruel light,

For I am forever the darkness!

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