Suicidal argument.

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This is a made up script with a storyline.
Sarah and Kailee get in a fight when Riley tries to turn Sarah against Kailee, Soon Courtnee and Lianne get involved when Sarah starts accidentally being rude to them, the sarah ditches Riley, then Riley, Kailee, Courtnee, and Lianne turn against Sarah. And they make fun of her. What will happen...You never know.

Submitted: August 29, 2008

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Submitted: August 29, 2008



Sarah- Heeeeeeeeeeey :P

Kailee-Hi, what's up?

Sarah- Nothin' Much you?


Sarah-One min Riley (her other buddie) is telling me something,


2 hrs later

Kailee-You there??

10 mins later

Kailee Just sent a nudge


Sarah-Fuck off okay!!


Sarah-I know what you said so fuck off!

Kailee-What did I say!!??

Sarah-You called me a whore and said that you hated me! So don't play dumb!

OKay so I'll say here that Riley, Is an lier person, and yeah, this may be boring but it is just something I made for fun.

Kailee-No I didn't!! You..are full of shit!!

Sarah-what ev. BYYE! >:( >:(

Kailee you have just been blocked.

Next day at school.

Riley-Hey Sarah.


Riley-Now that you've ditched Kailee, we can be frenz again!!


Jack-(sarahs boyfriend) Heyy Sarah.

Sarah-Hey Jack, can you give me a minute please?

Jack-Yepp, seeya babe.

Riley-I like it better with me and you..

Sarah-what are you saying?  :o

Riley-Ummmmmmm nothin'

Courtnee(Its a friend of both Riley,Sarah, and Kailee)-Whats up guuyys?

Sarah-Oh! NOTHING! Just I think I'm figuring out that Riley is full of complete shit!

Courtnee-Oh, well are you guys okay?

Sarah-What do you think?

Courtnee-OKay what ever!

Riley-YOu don't have to have an attitude!

Sarah-Fuck off you lied about Kailee calling me bad things! And I yelled at her on MSN, now she totally hates me!

Riley-What eva! You are not my friend anymore, end of story!


Tonight on msn

Courtnee-Heeeeey Riley, whats uuup? :)

Riley- oh notin. Wanna join my convo with Kailee so we can turn her against Sarah for being rude?

Courtnee-I don't think we should make things worse.

Riley-C-mon Courtnee, It'll be fuun, plus she was rude to you today! Fo No reson!

Courtnee-uuuum okay :|

Courtnee has joined the convo.

Kailee-hey Court.


Riley-So Kailee, she was rude to you, and she yeelled at ya, wanna ditch and like, totaly be OUR friends.



Sarah has Unblocked Kailee.

Riley-OOOoooOOOOh! Lets so three way attack Sarah!

Courtnee-Okay I guess.



Kailee-bc, someone must have told her that I said bad stuff, when i didnt

Courtnee-Yeah Riley this might start a BIG f-i-g-h-t over barely anything!

Riley-Fiiine, but she a) jumped to conclusions, and b)was rude


Courtnee-OKay, since she's in I guess, :(

Riley added Sarah to the convo,

Riley-Your such a bitch!! Sarah!

Courtnee-How could you be so rude to me for nothing!


Sarah-What do you people want!!?

Riley-to make you miserable!

Courtnee-I just got dragged into this.

Sarah-w.e. Courtnee Im mad at you too!!

Kailee-For whaT!? listenin to lies when I didnt even say anything!!!

Riley-YEA! YOu go gurl!

Courtnee-UGH! This is soooo frusterating!

Sarah-Your all FRUSTERATING!

Courtnee-You know what? FUCK YOU!


Kailee-You need to get a life!

Courtnee-I try to  make things better and you still act liike a complety rude person!

Kailee-YEA! BITCH!

Courtnee-Im outy!

Sarah-Thanks! 2 more to go!

Courtnee has left convo

Riley-You so lez

Kailee-NO she's try, she'll try anythnig



Kailee-OKay, bye loser!

Kailee has left the convo.

Riley has left the convo.


The next day at school.

Riley-Hey lianne

Lianne-Hey, Sarah's being a real meany today,

Riley- yea I know eh?

Lianne-She so mean lately, I think Im gonna leave her alone

Riley-No join our squad.


Riley-Me.Courtnee.And Kailee are teaming up against her because she is being a bitch.


Tonight on msn.

Lianne, Riley, Courtnee, and Kailee have join a convo with Sarah

Riley-Your such a dweeb and you have the worst fashon sense like ever!

Kailee-You are gonna get beat up tomorrow.

Lianne-You shouldnt have been mean, nowe ill be mean right back!  >:(


Sarah-Your a bunch of jerks!

Courtnee requests a private convo with Sarah.

Courtnee-Sarah Im so sorry! I just got caught up bc I was being nice and you were being rude!

Sarah-Why are they doing this?

Courtnee-Riley lied is very persuasive.

Sarah--Im sorry Courtnee but I cant livew liek this anymore

Courtnee-No Sarah, you wont

Courtnee-plz dont

The next day everyone found out that Sarah had commited suicide, on her suicide note :was the names of all of the girls that picked on her. Thats why bullying can cause problems.

I know its gay lol, but I was sooo bored, I thought I would excersise my mind.

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