Daddy's Little Girl, Is Now Gone

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Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



Daddy's Little Girl

Is what she try's to be

She loves him so much, she just wishes that she could prove to him that she's good enough to be his daughter

Daddy what happened to me?

I used to be everything you wanted me to be.

You'd play games with me and be there for me when I needed you the most

But now it seems as if none of that matters anymore

As me and mom's fights got worse everyday, you slowly drifted away from me

You'd argue and threaten me

Daddy I'm scared I feel as if nothings good enough anymore

I can't be that little girl who'd curl up in the bed with you and mommy at night, when I was scared to go upstairs to my room

All those good memories are long gone

You can't even remember the daughter you once loved so much

All you remember now is the daughter who got sick of being hurt

Who Try'd to kill herself and slitt her wrists up and down almost everynight

Who'd Drug herself up so she would'nt feel the pain anymore

The girl you call Courtney is'nt the girl she want's to be

But she's hurt you let go of her when she needed you the most

You told her you did'nt want her to ever come home till the day she turned 18

You abandoned her as if she was never your daughter to begin with

Daddy's Little Girl

Is no longer alive

She's dead inside

She died the day her parents said stay in raliegh

Were scared of what you might do when you come back home

Daddy's little girl is now forever gone

Goodbye Daddy

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