Losing the one girl, who made me happy

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This is about my best friend ashlie who recently ran away

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



Your my little sister,

My best friend,

My heart and soul,

Your every part of me,

I made you the way you are!

So in some sick way im the reason your gone from me.

You ran because you were angry

Truthfully i believe it was more than that.

Theres a part of you thats hurting,

But the only way you show that side of you is thru selling your body and druging yourself up

Its all my fault.

You would've never been this way

If I never got you started doing drugs.

I should've been a better friend.

At the time i was'nt thinking

But ever since last sunday,

When you ran,

I've been going insane because your mom and me,

Only want you to be safe and come home where you belong

Ashlie your everything to me,

If you end up dead, ima be there right with you

Because i cant live in this world without you


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