Pain keeps growing with everyday

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A poem about how im feeling in the inside with everything thats going on in my own life

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



The pains growing larger

With everyday that passes

It gets harder for me to say no to the drugs

Im in need of weed constantly

How am I supposed to say no to this stuff

It's been my drug of choice since i was only 14

Now at age 16 i still can't help but say yes to the drugs when im feeling so down and lonely

Shit man

Lifes got ahold of me

I don't even know what to call myself anymore

Because im not me im some child whos crying in the inside with every passing day

It gets harder to call this my own life because its not

Its revolved around the issues that are causeing me all this pain

Ha i hate my life at this point

The pains eventaully going to take over

Just like it used to

And im scared of what i'll do to myself this time

Suicide may just come to me like it used too but this time it might actually win instead of losing

And im scare of that, i dont want to go back down that path but thats where i feel everythings leading me

You know

It's just not somewhere i want to be at this point in my life

But im so, so, so scared that, thats what will happen eventaully

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