The Pain I Caused you

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Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



I never thought I could hurt you guys

You were just my friend's

But truthfully you were the ones who loved me the most

I was such a bad person i sat there and cutt myself in front of you and tryd to over dose multiple of times

I was only making everything worse for me

You all just try'd to help me and save me from ending all the pain that you all knew i could handle

I'm sorry i ruined our relationship with one another

You guys ment the world to me and i wish i could show you that now but its all over your gone out of my life

You guys left you were done seeing your best friend slowly kill herself

I knew it would come down to this

But i was so addicted to the drugs and alchole

It screwed me over in the end

I lost my friends and family

No one wants to see the person they love go through all this pain and come out like i did

It kills them to know that they can't do anything to help you

The only one who can help you is yourself

In the end

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