Her Cute Face, Her Conniving Mind

Her Cute Face, Her Conniving Mind

Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions



Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions



She gave new meaning to the statement, "Once a cheater, always a cheater." The drama that she played out for so long!
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She gave new meaning to the statement, "Once a cheater, always a cheater." The drama that she played out for so long!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Her Cute Face, Her Conniving Mind

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She gave new meaning to the statement,

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2013



Part One Marsha and Winston

  How It All Got Started
 She appeared at the brightly lit receiving door as I was in the middle of unloading my first delivery of the day. I almost dropped the heavy carton that I was about to send down the conveyor rollers, when I noticed that instead of a few rough and tumble stockroom workers, stood a very cute and petite, curly topped brunette. As I took the extra effort to slowly guide this one carton, out of a few hundred, down the conveyor, I inched closer to her and got a much better look. She had such a pretty, but cute face, with a lovely smile and finely chiseled perfect little nose. She was standing with her arms crossed and looking straight into my eyes. My eyes met hers, and little did I know at that point, how my life would soon be so deeply affected, for many years to come.
 During the rest of my hour making that delivery in Buford Massachusetts, back in March of 1997, we got to know each other just a little bit. The fact that she was currently married to a firefighter, and I was married to an administrative assistant, and other basic personal information flowed openly and easily between us as we smiled at each other. One of the first things I noticed about her was her big bedroom brown eyes and her cute little cut off laugh or giggle, which could almost be described as sounding like a hiccup! I ended my delivery by signing paperwork with her, instead of with Wille, the Irish stockroom clerk that was busy standing off to the side doing something else, but obviously listening to our quiet conversation.
Over the next few weeks, I used my senior position to pick that particular truck route, being a driver for the company that supplied goods to the nationwide retail store chain (Marchalskys), where Marsha was an assistant manager. We saw each other and spoke for a little while each time. But sadly one day in April of that same year, I showed up there and noticed that Marsha was not around. I asked Wille about her and he just said that she did not work there any longer. I got a strange feeling from him and the store manager that was lurking about the receiving area that morning, almost as though there was a gag order in place.
 I could not seem to get anyone at any of my other local deliveries to respond to any questions about my lost little new friend, Marsha. For the next couple of years I got into doing longer trips to New York, New Hampshire, and Maine, but I always kept a special thought stored away for that quiet, cute little curly topped brunette. At times I was surprised at the sadness I could feel over someone I did not really know all that well.
 One late morning in the Fall of 1999, as I was in the middle of a delivery to the Mulberry, Massachusetts store, when I heard that distinctive, trade mark "hiccup" laugh coming from deep within the stockroom! I jumped down from the back of that 53 foot trailer so fast, that I almost knocked down the stockroom girl that was receiving cartons. It was Marsha! She had come out to the stockroom, dressed in a black skirt and white blouse with a black sweater, to throw some flattened down cartons into the compactor. Our faces both lit up and we talked for the few minutes that I had left, before going on to finish the next three delivery stops of my day. Marsha was smiling pleasantly as I told her how much I had missed seeing her over the last few years. She had remembered all of our past conversations in great detail, which made me, feel very good too, so I must have been smiling right back at her. She explained that she had suddenly been transferred from the Buford store to the Fraham store, where she spent just over a year working, and then just recently transferred once again to this Mulberry store. When I asked why there had seemed to be such a hush-hush about her disappearance from Buford, she said that she "had no idea why." (I find out the real reason much later)

 The next few times that I delivered to her new store, I had bad luck, in that she was either on a day off or working a later closing shift. There was another young lady in the stockroom in Mulberry that often spoke about Marsha's fondness for me, and how she thought that I was so cute etc, etc, etc. Well I guess that hearing all these compliments over the next few months had me even more pumped up and ready to see her again. Then one early Spring day, I was delivering a load when the other girl told me that Marsha had recently been transferred again to Taksbury, Massachusetts. I was glad to hear that because I knew that I could easily pick the run that had that store on it, and probably quite often, as it was dispatched out on an almost daily basis.
 So there I was about a week later in April of 2000, ringing the receiving doorbell in Taksbury, when the door suddenly popped open after I heard someone fumbling with a bunch of keys. Yes! That cute little face, that I had come to miss, smiled at me as she said, "You found me again!" That was the beginning day of the next eight months of hour long deliveries, exchanging of cell phone numbers, and many daily conversations that would slowly but surely lead up to our first actual kiss.
 Marsha told me to wait by my truck behind the store, after I finished delivering one day about 3 or 4 days before the Christmas break of 2000. So I willingly obliged, and around the side of the shopping center she came, in her old red T-Bird. I climbed down from my tractor trailer cab, and opened her driver's door. She slid out and quickly melted into my arms, as we kissed deeply. She handed me a small white candy cane, with red stripes, and wished me a "merry Christmas Honey." I will never forget those 15 minutes of kissing and the feel of her slight writhing petite body against me as I caressed her very full breasts. I asked if she wanted to become my steady girl, after the Christmas break, and she said "yes, definitely!"
 Right from the early part of 2001, we began to take lunch breaks and coffee runs as often as we could. I even worked with her and she worked with me to arrange meetings on her days off, and sometimes on Sundays, we would go for rides together. We really got to know each other very well and she gave me her work schedule each week for the following week so that we could plan ahead for our times together. She even got the chance to make her own work schedule most of the time, being an assistant manager and human resources manager, she could do this. I felt guilty about the fact that she would even include her husband's on duty and off duty schedule, along with her own work schedule. She was very good at planning and scheduling, and I was always impressed at how sharp and on top of things she always was. She had once proudly informed me of how she completed four years of college in just three years. I knew that she was quick to learn and had a great memory for details. I often complimented her on how she was not only an attractive little lady, but that she was so intelligent too.
 It wasn't until September of 2001 that we actually began to make love together. Until then we had many hot sessions of kissing and touching and everything else except actual penetration. Once we started to make love a few times in motel rooms, we quickly learned that we needed to have sex a lot more than our wallets would be able to afford at the current room rates!
 By the end of 2001 Marsha had a new Ford Explorer, and we learned to make "curtains" with shirts and jackets hanging behind tinted glass, and blankets draped between headrests on the seat backs. So began the early days of backseat, parking lot car sex, that always seemed to add a lot to her excitement, and I must admit, to mine also. We had sex at least four times a week for the next few years and often even more. We both always remarked about how right it all felt, and how we just felt like it was meant to be. After our hot meetings which usually only included a quick lunch, and lots of sex, we would both head off to our respective homes and spouses, and attempt to act normally. We would talk and leave messages as often as we could. So our very secretive affair continued. 
End of Part One
Part TwoMarsha and Winston
New Complications
 So let me begin by mentioning that when we first met in early 1997, Marsha was just 32 years young, and I was 15 years older than her, 47 years old. Of course now as I write this I have just turned 64 and Marsha is 49.
From the very start Marsha always maintained that she liked older men and that she felt I was in very great shape for my age.
Things were going along hot and heavy through 2002 with both of us really using the words "I love you" and "I miss you" and all the other expected words of an intimate relationship. Then one day in mid 2002 my cell rang as I was driving the rig along the highway between deliveries. It was Marsha's husband Elroy, (a firefighter), and after identifying himself he asked if I even cared that she was married. I replied in the affirmative. He told me that she had done this sort of thing to him before, and that if she ends up with me, that she would do the same thing to me eventually. I told him that she had mentioned being with two other men before me, but did not offer any details. Then I told him that he needed to talk about this with her, after all, she had been the one making the decisions to step out of their marriage. I told him that it was unfortunate that we had to meet this way. He hung up.
 A short while later Marsha called and told me that her husband had taken her cell phone from her car and listened to my voice mails that she had been saving. I told her that I had already had a conversation with him. She remarked on how calmly I was sounding, and I just said that we were eventually going to get caught and probably end up together.
The next day she got to work at the Taksbury store, where I was in the middle of making my delivery. I overheard her telling the other woman including her store manager, that her husband had packed all her clothes and asked her to get out of the house soon. She told them, while appearing to choke back some tears, as they all expressed their deep concerns for her, and suggested that she call the police and report him as an abuser. She played into them all, with her self pity, never mentioning that this was because of her fooling around with me, or the fact that he had caught her doing this sort of thing in the past too. Not one of those other women ever asked what caused him to want her out of the house. She was very secretive about our ongoing affair, and simply told everyone that asked about us, "Winston is just a good friend." This is where I should have first really taken notice of what Marsha was capable of doing. I was too overwhelmed with her constant attention, between her wanting me to please her so often sexually, and the private conversations that added up to many hours a week. So I did not take notice, at least not on a fully conscious, clear headed level.
 The next day Marsha moved most of her stuff to her brother Matt and her sister in law Karry’s house, in a very nearby town (Witford). This had no effect on our ability to carry on; in fact it made for her being able to call me from her guest bedroom a very easy thing to do as compared to living with her husband. So we continued on with our meetings and close conversations and messages right through 2002 and into 2003. One day she met me for lunch and said that she had to move back in with Elroy, because he had threatened to end his life if she did not return. I was a little upset, because I had been thinking that we were getting one step closer to living together someday. She said she wanted to continue to see me though, but it might be a little harder to do. Well, we did continue for a few months longer, until one day in the Fall of 2003 Marsha told me that Elroy was asking her to leave again.
 This time she moved into a small condo in Bucksbaron, with one of her sisters (Krystal), (she has 5 sisters and 3 brothers), and we continued our very secretive relationship as usual.
 Marsha’s divorce proceedings began shortly thereafter and by February of 2004, she was expressing her feelings of sadness over the fact that her favorite nephew would be losing a Godfather, because of her getting divorced. She came from a very nice Catholic family and maintained a close connection to them all. She had always told me about all the family members, and all of the family activities and whatnot, but she never ever mentioned to them about her private relationship issues. They knew nothing about me or any other men in her life, which is understandable considering everything that had been going on.

 On the last day of February 2004, Marsha arrived at our meeting spot, and climbed into my new Ford Escape. (We now had a choice of sex-mobiles!) As we climbed into the backseat and began making our "curtains", she said "do you want to hear the bad news, before or after, we have sex?" I chose before. So she explained that she was sorry, but she could not continue seeing me anymore, and that she was too depressed to enjoy an affair any longer. I was upset but agreed, and we had what I thought was our last hot session together. As she was leaving, I asked her what she would be doing with her time now, and she only responded with a disturbing comment, "I might just be wrapping my car around a tree sometime."
I went for about one day, maybe two, and then I started to worry about her. I began to try to call her cell, to no avail. She would not answer, even though I tried for a few weeks on a daily basis leaving voice mails expressing my concerns for her well being.
 Almost a month and a half had gone by, and I finally decided that I would do a rather odd thing to find out how she was, or at least to maybe help her out emotionally, if she really had been considering harming herself. So on a weekday in early April 2004, I looked up her parent’s address in Concardia, and decided to visit them (Jen and Alan Lecravens).
 Marsha had told me that her mother had recently retired as a nurse, so I thought that she might know how to get her some help. I spoke with both her parents for about fifteen minutes and I felt like I had to let them know just enough about Marsha's involvement with me and other men, to help them realize why she might have a lot going on in her head.
(I had also just learned from a few people that the real reason she had been transferred from Buford way back in 1998, was because her manager found out she was being intimate with the Irish stockroom clerk Wille, hence all the secrecy about that situation)
I had brought along many photos and cards, and saved voice mails to present as evidence if her parents were to have doubted me. They did not want to see any of that. I suppose because most parents would prefer to deny that their own kid could be capable of having a sexual affair while they were married. When I left I just told her mother that she should probably talk with Marsha about getting her some help. Her mother responded with, "I think you both should seek some help", and I agreed that she was probably right.
 Two days later I got a call from a police officer in Marsha's town (Sgt Myder), stating that I was to stay away from Marsha, and her family. I readily agreed to that, after giving him my story of concern over her safety, and feeling the need to let her mother know, being a nurse, that Marsha might have been in need of some help.
 The following week on a Friday afternoon, Marsha attempted to call me on my cell.
I did not pick up, and waited a minute for her to leave a voice mail. She did just that. Her message stated how sorry she felt about how everything had turned out, and how she really wished that we could talk again soon, and how much she still cared for me.
 I saved that voice mail. Then I called Sgt Myder, who had given me the strict warning about staying out of touch with her. I explained to him what she had just said and offered to bring him the voice mail to hear for himself
. He was very miffed, as he commented on the absurdity of how a woman could be discussing a possible restraining order one week, and then wanting to get back with me the next. I told him that I was sorry for troubling him with all of this type of business, but I thought I would ask him to talk with her first, and get me some official permission to have any contact with her again.
About five days later I received a call from Sgt .Myder, and he stated that Marsha did indeed want to renew our relationship, but to just stay away from her family. He also wished me good luck with everything. I again apologized for his time, and jokingly said "yes, I might need some good luck with her!" Little did I know at this point, that I was going to need a lot more than luck while dealing with Marsha!
 I did not contact her, but the next day she called me and we talked for well over an hour!
 She explained how a few days after my visit to her folk’s house, the entire family had gathered on Easter Sunday there. Of course the subject came up among all the adult family members concerning my visit. Marsha told me that one of her sisters (Mary), was a drama queen and got everyone else all whipped up about how I might be out to harm her, or even the whole family. She said that two of her brothers (Kendall and Bren) had wanted to look me up and then come to beat me up. Her father had expressed concerns about her safety, and suggested that she only stop to fill her gas tank in daylight hours.
 And to top it all off, one of her sisters (Charity), and her husband knew of a policeman in her town that they did personal accounting for, (Sgt. Myder).  She insisted that Marsha go with her, and tell him to talk over a restraining order against me.
 At the time Marsha was explaining all of this to me, I was too excited about the idea of us starting to have sex again, to even think about all of this in a clear way. But now, years later in hindsight, I realize that she was basically blaming everyone else for why she went to the police.
 She also told me that she would make an effort to explain to her parents, and family, that I was a nice guy and how she wanted us to be together someday. When I asked her how long it would be until she would do that, and how long until she wanted to finally move in together, she replied, "We have to take this all in baby steps." Again, I was too eager to get back in the saddle, to bother questioning this at all.
We both agreed that we would start eating together in nicer places and taking more day trips together, and starting photo albums of all our sightseeing together. (visiting and photographing most New England area lighthouses became our hobby)
 Things went along hot and heavy all through 2004, and by the end of the year Marsha decided that it would be a good idea to have me drop my cell phone plan and she would put me onto hers (T-Mobile) as a family plan set up. That way I would not have to worry about getting caught if my wife ever found a cell phone bill. She would get the bill each month and I would simply pay her the cash to split the cost. We did that and about a year later Marsha bought me another cell, this time it was a camera phone. (She actually got me a better one two years later as a Christmas gift) She mentioned how I would be having so much fun with it in the backseat! We both really got each other very excited with hot pillow talk, and me with my adult pictures of us fooling around together. Things got hotter and hotter, sometimes we would have sex before lunch and then again right after. Sometimes she would totally remove every last stitch of clothing in the backseat, before I even got back there! We had lots of fun, and would still check into motel rooms now and then, where I always took hot videos for our collection. (Marsha tried to act like she thought it was weird, but she couldn't hide the fact that she actually got very turned on by it)

 Just as her mother had suggested, Marsha went for several visits to a psycho therapist (Dr. Sandy).  I even drove her there  once, and waited in the parking lot for her hour long appointment to end.  Marsha told me that Dr. Sandy  thought that she had trouble communicating her problems to people. She felt that Marsha acted out her anger towards her husband by secretly punishing him and having sex with new men.  (I could have told her that , and saved her all the time and expense!  What unfolds in the coming years will show that Marsha did not benefit from those few Dr. visits.)
 The next few years, (mid 2004 through late 2007), were going along as usual, and I would from time to time ask Marsha if she had let anyone in her family know about us, or if she was feeling ready to talk about moving in together. She would always say "someday soon", or "I'm working on it."

 A few times I would get into a little spat with her about this, and she would just say,  "Go ahead, I know you always want to think the worst of me anyways." She used that type of statement often to get me to back off,  and try to make me feel guilty for ever doubting her, or questioning her.  That was  just one of her,  "control methods",  that I was unfamiiar with until much later.
 But we would always get over our spats very quickly with some hot make up sex!  Sometimes she would jokingly say that I only liked her because she was "easy", and I would always tell her that I did like that about her, but that I also liked her for so many other reasons.

End of Part Two
Part ThreeMarsha and Winston
On Into My Early Retirement
In 2008 I decided to retire, and I think that, down deep I had been beginning to realize that Marsha had probably denied to her parents that she had ever had any affair with me or anyone else. She most likely had just told them that we were just friends, and that I had simply become obsessed with her. Also, by this time she was with a different company, a small Massachusetts based card and gift chain, that only had stores in a few New England states. She had become a store manager, and we were still seeing each other a lot, because she created everyone's work schedules including her own. I had recently helped her out financially with a contribution to the down payment on a new car (actually that was in back in May 2006 when I helped her pick out a new Ford Fusion at Horn Hill Ford), and other things that popped up now and then.
 But anyways, I thought that being retired would soon lead to us ending what was starting to seem like a dead end relationship. I was beginning to notice that she never had much to discuss, other than family or work gossip.  She might talk about some mindless entertainment buzz, but would just sit there with a blank look on her face when I tried to discuss world events or national news stories.  I think I was beginning to doubt if I could ever trully be satisfied with her shallow thought processes.

During the next couple of years we continued on and I would ask her often, "Is every thing OK with us?" and she would always say "Yes, things are just fine." Other times I would ask, "Maybe I am too old for you, do you want to end this and try to find a guy closer to your age?" and she would always say, "No, you're not too old and I love YOU Honey"
 So the fun went on and on, much to my surprise, and she still maintained that we would be living together "someday" whenever the subject came up. I was actually having more and more trouble picturing living with her, so The mention of it meant less and less to me as time passed.

 Well the first real sign of trouble came along in March of 2011, about two weeks after I had paid for a costly transmission replacement, (at Ashton Ford), just after her warranty ran out, and she was worried about not having the funds to fix it. I quickly drove to her favorite car dealer and paid for the job, as I had for a few other much smaller repairs in the year prior.
 The problem started on March 7, 2011 when she left me what seemed to be an odd message about a dinner the next night at her Mom's house, she made a big point of telling me how her sister, that she still lived with, would also be going along with her. The next night I was talking to her while she was leaving to go to her Mom's. She said that her sister had already headed over there in her own car.
 I don't know why, but I decided to check up on her by calling her sister's landline a little later, figuring that there would of course be nobody at home to answer. WRONG. Her sister answered and I just hung up. Now I knew that cute little Marsha was up to something and not being honest about things.
 Later that night she left me a voice mail. It stated that she was headed home from her Mom's house, and that they had all enjoyed meatloaf, which she described as a "bizarre" dish to have with company.
 The next day we had plans to meet at a Walmart parking lot and walk down the street a short way, to a nice restaurant that we ate at quite often. I acted normal and let Marsha talk through our meal about how things went at her Mom's dinner. She even went into details about how her sister left way after she did, so I knew for sure she was lying, because her sister had never even left the condo to go to the dinner at her Mom's house.
 Right after I paid the check as we were leaving the restaurant, I told her that she was a liar. Her face turned bright red and she stammered, "ahh,ahh, Angie...I was with Angie, and we went out to eat at a restaurant, and I had steak tips on rice." I told her that I did not believe her because she would have simply told me the truth and not had to make up a big story and even warn me the day before about it. I told her that I thought that we should break it off. She said again that I could trust her and she did not want to end it. I then said, "what do I have to do to trust you, put one of those trackers on your car, like they did on our trucks at work?" and she quickly replied, "do whatever you want to do, but I want to prove to you that you CAN trust me, and I don't want to break up."

 That was the point where I truly made the mistake of not ending it. My red blooded male needs took over, and she gave me some extra good loving for the next hour or so.
We continued on, and after about a month went by she started to make suggestions about how she might start going out after work with "Angie", (who by the way, was a work associate in her early twenties.) I could tell that Marsha was changing, and that she was not being totally honest about where we were headed, and what she really felt.

 One day in early April 2011, after we had dinner and were fooling around, I picked up her cell and hit a few buttons, at which point a screen came up with several saved text messages from a very young male coworker. She said that they were just friends. I began to recall how she always described me as being just a friend to all of her coworkers. This was not looking good.

 So in late May 2011, I finally put a tracker unit on her car under the dashboard, just as we had discussed in March. The very day I did that, after taking her car to my house to clean it, I dropped it off again at her mall.
(Let me tell you that I am not like Marsha, she is quiet and secretive and holds in all kinds of information until it suits her to let it out, usually at a much later date. No, I am very open and cannot keep a secret from the lady that I am involved with the way we were.)
Later that very afternoon, I observed her car on my desktop monitor, (while I was 60 miles away at my house), moving from where I had parked it, to a far corner of the same parking lot. Strange! About a half hour later it began to move out on the roads and into the direction towards her condo. I called her on her cell and like a big mouth jerk, I asked her about what time she got out of work because I saw her car move to the back row between 4 and 4:30 PM.
Stupid honest and open, me. So of course she just denied it and said, "No I didn't leave work until 4:30PM.”

 So I let her know from the very start that I was doing what she had agreed to, a few months earlier. Funny too, is the fact that I actually caught her in a lie right then, she was actually in the back row of that lot, where she and I had fooled around many times in the past. So obviously she had another playmate and now realized that I must have actually installed the tracker.
 She was about to begin a long game of trying to make me think that she was being a perfect little angel, and she would try to prove this to me by making sure she always put her car in the proper places, while she herself, could be going anywhere with anyone, and having anyone in her condo with her.
(Of course I had no idea about all this until much later, as you will read ahead.)

 For the next year and a half she would simply say to me in a joking manner, "where does the google lady say I am now?", and I would always tell her where, because she was making me think that it was OK with her, and that she could finally prove to me that she was being honest with me, and that everything was OK with us. She just kept on laughing with me about what she had nick-named as "the google lady." Sometimes she would joke about it with a sarcastic "ha-ha-ha" spoken slowly, but in an almost threatening tone. (stupid me for not grasping her hidden agenda)
 I even showed her how it worked on a few different occasions, once on my tablet in October of 2011, and again later when we both got new smart phones as we switched from T-Mobile to Verizon in late August of 2012. She never gave me any indication that this was bothering her at all, she simply acted as though it was all fine with her, and that she was still just trying to prove to me that I should trust her.
 Like a fool, I waited for her to have an adult conversation with me about maybe taking the tracker out, now that she had me trusting her again. She seemed content with letting me see how her car was usually at home, or at work at the mall, or at one of her family's homes. Little did I suspect what was really going on! (That will become clear a little later.)

 Then in early September 2012, I was talking to her one weekend while she said that she was spending the entire day, cleaning up her bedroom, and her closet, and trying to make some more room. She had to ask me to hold for a few minutes, while she went downstairs to help her "sister" move a chair. This all sounded a little out of the ordinary, and I just brushed it off at the time.
 Near the end of September 2012, we had been planning our yearly fall foliage overnight trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. She seemed desperate to find a church that had a morning mass the day before we were to leave. She found one that was going to be open on her way to work the day before our trip. She called me later and expressed her disappointment that the church was locked when she got there, as there must have been a mistake in the mass schedule. I found her need to go to church suddenly, after months of not attending, quite odd. But as usual I just filed it away as another one of Marsha's quirks. (I guess she was feeling guilty about something, and felt like she needed to ask for forgiveness)
So like other times in past years when we left on overnight trips, I showed up at the lower parking lot of her workplace mall and she showed up to park and leave her car there. This year I took notice that she went to the bother of really hiding it way in the back row, where the mall maintenance trucks parked, whereas in past years she had simply parked it randomly. The reason we left her car there of course was so that her ''sister'' at the condo, would not know that she was seeing me.
As we were driving north that morning, I asked her what she used for an excuse this time to tell her "sister." She had told her a story about going with some other company volunteers to stay overnight in Connecticut to help inventory, and help open, a new store there. The company was in the middle of opening a few new stores in truth, but she was not really doing that, as she was about to spend the night and most of the next day with me. We fooled around in my SUV on a scenic overlook in the mountains late that afternoon, again in the motel room that night, and again in a parking lot on the way back the next day. I did notice that she was suddenly not wanting to have me video her, or take any "action" pictures. I was starting to really take notice of the changes in her behavior. (as the sex part of our relationship had not yet been affected in any way, up until this point)
A few weeks later on October 11, 2012, I was busy doing things all day, and at the end of the day Marsha called me and told me that she had only gone to work for a couple of hours that day. She stated that she had tried to find a "different dealership" to get her oil changed instead of going to the favorite one that she/we had always used. She even said that when she finally found this new dealership, that it took almost two hours for a simple oil change. Odd, I thought, because all of this make of dealerships around here, pride themselves on their speedy lube service to entice customers, and I know for a fact through my own many experiences that they are very fast. So I stored this away as another strange event. (big clue, that I stored away in the back of my increasingly suspicious mind)

Two days later I made a quick stop on a Saturday afternoon at Marsha's retail store at the mall, figuring I would pick up a sandwich for both of us and eat lunch with her outside in my SUV, as we had many times in the past. Of course I also hoped we would do our usual backseat boogie while we were at it! Wrong.
 When I entered her small store, she greeted me with a fairly loud, "Oh!.. Hi!!", as she nervously began to walk ahead of me towards one of her favorite young female associates (Annie).

(keep in mind that Marsha is an extremely soft spoken lady and rarely raises her voice.) She was obviously surprised by me showing up that day, and seemingly was trying signal the associate to do something quickly. Then the female associate made an instant beeline for the back wall and quickly disappeared into the small office/stockroom area. (where Marsha had recently told me I could never enter, even though she always used to let me see her back there.) Meanwhile, I spoke with Marsha for a few moments, as the store was empty of any customers at that time. She gave me a quick kiss as I was departing, and she had told me she couldn't leave to eat lunch with me. So I went upstairs and ate alone in a sandwich shop. On the way out of the mall I passed by her storefront again, and observed her leaning over the register counter, smiling and quietly giggling with that same favorite young female associate.
This whole incident was very suspicious and I knew for sure that something was going on that she was trying to keep secret from me.

 For the next three weeks, twice a week, Marsha continued to schedule herself so that she could come and meet me halfway between her location and mine, as we were a little over an hours drive apart. Each lunch, or sometimes breakfast date would of course include at least an hour of our regular adult fun! Being very aware that things were really starting to be different lately, I would ask her either before or just after we had sex, the usual questions. Are things OK with us? Are you sure that you want to keep seeing me, because I am fifteen years older than you? Are you mad about anything that you want to talk to me about? She would always insist that everything was fine and that I was just right for her, and that she was not mad about anything. She would always just pass her moodiness off, as the result of her lack of sleep, because she told me many times that she always had trouble getting to sleep, and staying asleep. (guilty conscience?) Other times she would blame her associates at work for being the source of her worries, but she always maintained that she loved me.

 On Thursday November 1, 2012 Marsha met me Behind the "88" restaurant where we often ate out. We had a nice meal and joked with two of our regular waitresses (Ninna and Lora), about how we knew the menu choices, better than they did. One of them (Ninna), commented on what a great, cute couple we made together. Marsha seemed a little unmoved by that comment, whereas in the past when we heard similar comments from people, she would have at least smiled or agreed. I thought that to be another odd sign.
 After we left, and climbed into the small backseat of my Jeep (I had traded my Escape back in mid June), for our afternoon delights, I was unbuttoning Marsha's silky, grey top, and quietly whispered how sexy her cleavage appeared. She surprised me by raising her voice, and very clearly, and slowly stating, "And it's ALL just for YOU." (I even detected a slight smirk as she helped me remove her clothes) "BIG CLUE"

 What was going on with this quiet girl that I usually had to ask to repeat things a little louder, because she was always so soft spoken? Anyways, we had great sex and she got off very intensely, like she did almost all of the time.
(She would never fake it, and believe me, this is one lady that wouldn't bother trying to fake it to spare my feelings.)
 Following fifteen more minutes of "after sex talk", she was on her way driving back in her northbound direction, and I was heading west. Our next meeting was scheduled for the following Wednesday , November 7th, 2012, and I remember stating that it was shaping up to be a very rare, one time meeting week, to which Marsha oddly offered no explanation. She usually made an effort to see me at least twice a week and sometimes three times, if we met on a Sunday.
 I remember the following Tuesday night of November 6th, she called me and we talked as she drove home from work, she was planning on stopping at her town voting place, for the presidential elections. We spoke again later as she was arriving home to the condo, and we both ended our conversation with "I love you", as per usual.

End of Part Three 

Part FourMarsha and Winston
Surprises and More
Finally!!! It's the next day, and our last day, November 7th 2012, at the Oxbow, Walmart lot and we were going to have lunch and maybe a drive and then some familiar exciting times. WRONG! So Wrong, SURPRISE!!!
 I sat for a few minutes in my Jeep with the curtains all ready in "action position.", when I noticed that Marsha pulled up next to me on my driver's side. That was normal, but what was not normal was the fact that she came up from straight behind me in the lot. In other words she had been lurking back in the rear corner, out of site, and waiting for me to show up. Usually I would see her enter the lot as there is only one way in, and I would watch her approaching. (Keep in mind that as a career trucker, I am constantly aware of my mirrors and what is going on around me)
 Marsha got out of her car and walked around to my passenger side door, and briskly jumped in with a photo in her hand. I saw the photo that she was holding up, and knew right away that it was a close up shot of the tracking unit. So I calmly questioned, "Oh you finally found it, why didn't you just ask me to remove it after all this time?".
 Her voice heightened to a very loud pitch as she said, "I'm done! I can't believe that you have been watching my every move, for a year and a half, since that day when you took my car to your house to work on it!"
I noticed that she had left the door wide open and it was a cold cloudy, and windy day, so I asked if she could shut it. She pulled it slightly more to a closed position, but as we spoke, she let it open wide again. Her voice continued in an abnormally loud tone as she told me that she had, "just found it while I was at work this past weekend, (a lie), and then I just stopped at my local police station to have them remove it.", on the way to breakup with me. 

 I then made the mistake of trying to reason with her, mentioning that she had known about the tracker since day one, and how she had given it a nickname "the google lady", and how I had shown her, at least twice, how the system works, but she just glared at me in denial of what I had just said. It was as though she was ignoring the truthful statement that I had just made. I knew at that point, this quiet little lady was in fact a conniving witch. How could she sit there and deny to me and to herself that she had not known about the tracker, while we both knew the truth was that she was always very aware of it since the very day that I had installed it. Let alone the fact that she had originally told me to do it because she wanted to prove that she could be trusted!
 My heart felt like it was about to stop from disbelief and betrayal. She just yelled again, that she was done, and told me that she could have me arrested or put a restraining order against me. (Here we go again.)  
 I asked her if she would go through with that. She only said ''We'll see." She told me that if I wanted the tracker back, then I would have to go to her police station and ask them for it back. I told her that I did not want it for anything, and they could throw it away.
I asked her if she already had a new boyfriend, and she went back to her usual quiet voice that I could barely hear, and answered, ''I don't want any relationship, the way I feel right now." (this was a lie)  So she ended with a rehearsed sounding statement...."we've had a lot of fun, and you've helped me out with things, but it's over, so goodbye."
  I sat there wondering if she was recording this conversation or if somebody was listening in, because of her unusually loud voice. Then she got out of my Jeep, and shut the door on our 16 years of closeness and what I mistakenly thought was friendship.
End of Part Four
Part FiveMarsha and Winston
Her Secrets Revealed
  As she pulled away I noticed that a medium to large sized sedan had been sitting at an angle, just back from us about 30 feet or so. This was a very empty, distant part of the lot at most times of the day. I sat there for a good 7 minutes and finally the man pulled slowly up past me, and continued slowly towards the exit area where he finally came to a stop. I had no idea who it was, but all I could think about was how Marsha had left the door wide open and talked very-very loudly, almost yelling. Whoever that man was, be it a policeman, or a new boyfriend, had obviously been waiting in his car while she had been waiting in the rear of the lot for me to show up. Maybe she felt the need for an escort, or a witness to what I said, as she could have had her cell phone on, or had a wire on, for him to listen. Something was up with that. (I was soon to find out who was in the other car)
 On my way out of the lot, I went very slowly by that car that was still idling by the lot exit, but could not clearly see the driver. I noticed that it left after I had left the lot. I headed west, he headed east in the direction Marsha had gone ten minutes earlier.
As I drove home, every clue, and every odd behavior of hers, and each strange event that had been happening over the last two years, came back to me.
 Later that night I thought to check my smart phone and sure enough, she must have already spoken to our carrier and had removed me from her cell plan!
 So then I got the idea to check online, and do a reverse phone number search. I had done that a while back just to see if I was listed with Marsha. Back when I had last done that, it showed Marsha's name and Krystal’s name at the condo address.
 VERY INTERESTING! Now it listed a third name, Bruno Lebonier, a male name. I did a quick people search on that name. He had lived for six years, right down the street a couple of miles from Marsha and Krystal. It also showed that he worked as an account manager for an office supply company that more than likely serves Marsha's same area and stores. I noticed his age, only one year older than Marsha, and born in the same month as both her and I, as an interesting coincidence. I looked him up on FB and I guess he seemed like an alright looking guy. (Her next unknowing victim.)
I remembered the week before behind the Ashburn “88” restaurant, on Thursday as Marsha smirked and said loudly before our last sex, "And it's all just for you."
 She was actually getting a big kick out of fooling this old coot into thinking I was the only guy that she was being intimate with. Since this guy (Bruno) had been a neighbor, and was probably moving in with her last summer, hence the... "I have to make more room in my closet and clean up my room and run down for a few minutes to help "Krystal" move a chair."
It was all starting to fall in place.
 The next day, I went to the alternate car dealer that Marsha had strangely gone to for her "two hour oil change" three weeks earlier. (Mulberry Ford)  I acted like a guy that was thinking about buying a used car, with the friendly, talkative salesman.
 I got him onto the subject of wives and girlfriends, and all the different problems that "we guys" have with them. We broached on the subject of men and woman checking up on each other. Then, low and behold, he actually offered up the exact information that I was searching for. He stated, "Well, just a few weeks back our service department had a lady in here, who felt she was being tracked, and asked if they could locate anything suspicious. Sure enough they found a little gps tracking device wired up underneath her dash!"
We both laughed and after a few more moments of car talk I said “Thanks for your help, I'll be in touch if I need to buy a car soon.” Bingo!
End of Part Five
Part SixMarsha and Winston
Her Covert Aggression
She had gone to that different dealer (Mulberry Ford), instead of Ashton Ford, because they had seen us there together before, and that would have been too embarrassing for Marsha, who likes to keep her love life a total secret from the world. She had made an appointment to have them check if there was anything in her car that would allow her to be tracked. Of course she put on the big, "Oh my god! I can't believe he's been watching me everywhere I've been for a year and a half", poor little victim ACT, in the service department that day. And then three weeks later, put on the same ACT for the Bucksbaron Police. Let me assure you that any stranger to this little innocent looking cutie is just going to want to believe anything that she claims.
 Basically Marsha had been playing me for a fool. (and having regular sex with me to assure herself  of a constant source of financial backup) She continued to use her body as a tool to attain her hidden goals.

 We are both cheaters and she got caught a few times by Elroy her ex husband, and almost drove him to end his life.
Then she used the fact that I believed in her.  As she knew the tracking was showing her car to be where she told me she was over the last few years,  while she was actually riding around in this new boyfriend's car, and spending lots of time at the condo, together with him.
 I know that Marsha would not have a guy that she had just met move in with her, let alone the fact that her sister wouldn't approve of that either. So now that I see Bruno’s land line from his old address, was listed at Marsha's condo as of the end of last summer. They have been living together, and she was sneaking around behind BOTH of our backs for at least a few years, probably even longer. She had been seeing me all of that time, while he was at work thinking he was the only one. (poor Bruno)
 The Bucksbaron police called me about 10 days after we broke up and asked if I had tried to make any contact with her. I had not, but I went on to remind them of the incident back in 2004 when she angered them, with her flip flop about not wanting me near her, then a week later wanting me back. I basically told them this entire story, along with the fact that she was misrepresenting the truth, as she was basically in full agreement for the entire year and a half, about keeping the tracking unit in her car, and was just waiting to use it against me whenever she felt the time was right. He seemed to not care about what had really happened, he just said it's still a crime.
 How is it a crime when in truth she had let me think that she was in full agreement with the fact that I had been tracking her for that long?
 Anyways, she would not really ever want to press charges or put a restraining order on me, because she must know that I have already hired a lawyer, and too many facts, and lots of embarrassing evidence might emerge in court, and it might even make the news! The lawyer was very impressed with what I gave him to hold onto. He actually liked the fact that she always drove well out of her area and closer to me, to maintain the secrecy of our long affair. He now has lots of proof and several witnesses that will provide evidence and testimony to the fact that she was not at all a stalking victim!

 I guess she was finally getting tired of lying to both me, and the new guy, Bruno. She could have avoided all of this drama by letting me break up with her when I had caught her lying a year and a half earlier. She must have found playing this complicated game to be exciting, like one of her favorite crime tv shows.
 One of Marsha's favorite hot lines that she used as we made love, was, "I love to spread my legs for you." Well, it seems that she might have been getting cramps from all of the extra spreading, that pleasing two men required! No wonder she always used to complain that her knee was constantly hurting.
 I might sound a little bitter, now that I've got a pretty accurate picture of what was really going on for a long while. I feel lucky in that, I had plenty of hot sex most of my adult life, in fact since I was about 17, so I am OK with everything. I do have many other interests, but hot sex with her was pretty high up on my list of interests!
 If Marsha had simply answered me honestly, on any one of the many occasions that I asked her, she could have ended things and kept my respect for her.
 She would always say "I will never hurt anyone the way that I hurt my ex husband Elroy, never again."  Oh well, I guess she forgot. We had talked about that, way back, about how we were both cheating, and how since we both felt so right together, we should end the cheating and be true, at least to each other. (yeah right)
The fact that we never ended up moving in together turns out to be a really good thing, imagine how much worse of a situation that could have been. Sometimes I wish that I could get in touch with her ex husband just to let him know that he was so right about her doing the same thing to me if I ended up staying with her. Luckily he found a decent woman and remarried and has a whole new life. I'm happy for Elroy, he deserves a good woman after what he put up with for about 15 years.
I could have much more easily been able to handle our break up, if Marsha had simply answered me truthfully at any one of the many times that I asked her if she was mad or if she had a problem with our relationship.
 (I know, I know! I already said that!  I’m just reiterating!)   She decided to work behind my back and involve other people, like Bruno Lebonier, and her young friends at work like Annie, to help her plan and carry out her covert sting operation. I am proud that I always talked directly to Marsha about any problems that we ever ran into. I did not involve anyone else; because I thought that she wanted a secret affair. She still cannot simply talk things out, but chooses to punish people instead. She had told me way back that her sister, Mary was the drama queen of the Lecravens family. Now it seems that Marsha herself has taken over that highly sought after position!
 It’s funny that Marsha left that day, convinced that I had no idea that she already actually had another guy (Bruno), and had already got him to move in with her. He probably has no idea to this day, that she was having sex with me right up until six days before she ended it with me, and probably never knew that she had gone to the White Mountains with me, and not to open a new store in Connecticut. He probably never knew that she was talking about loving me right up until the last night before she broke up with me. I have plenty of time/date stamped cell pictures and videos to prove it to him, and several saved voice mails too. I will not bother trying to see if he would like to become enlightened, because I know that eventually she will make her covert aggressive ways evident to him.
 Her friends, and anyone including her new guy, only know what she has told them. I'm sure she painted a picture of me, as just an old friend that became obsessed with her, and she never let on that we had any kind of a sexual or loving relationship. Who knows what else she had lied about? The whole time right up until the end she looked me straight in the eyes and told me that she loved me, and that all of her "toys", as she called them, were all just for me.
 Marsha would always tell me about the problems with most of her coworkers, such as, their laziness, inability to think, tardiness, lack of interest, their gossiping, and their "not talking to me", and how she was "not talking to them", almost everyday as we talked on the phone.  I sometimes wondered why she didn't just stop with the immature gossip herself, and deal directly with these so called "friends", as she referred to some of them.  After all, isn't that what professional management is all about? She was never direct with anyone, but just expected that everyone should magically know what she was thinking.  No, not Marsha, she would either hold it all in, or talk behind their backs to me, or any other person that she was chummy with at the moment.

 I had trouble sleeping for a while after all of that finally ended, but now I actually sleep better than ever before, just knowing that I am better off without that kind of dangerous poison in my life.
 Again, I'm OK, but it will always hurt when I think of how she could have done all that after being what I foolishly thought was a friend, for 16 years. Live and learn. 


 I recently added up in dollars what she cost me in gifts, meals, gas, repairs, and various other costs including the wages I missed while I was still working, in order to spend more time with her. It totaled around 55,000 thousand dollars! Then I divided that by the 2,419 times that she had sex with me , (Yes I did actually mark each time down, which is just another old habit from my trucking days: keeping accurate records!)

Here is my math:

$55,000, divided by 2,419 boom-booms=$22.73 per session!  Wow she was cheap!  What am I complaining about?  She better not give up her day job if those are the kind of rates that she gets!  wink_smile.gif

Maybe Marsha was right all those times that she would jokingly say to me, "You only like me because I am easy."


 I just thought that it would be good to get all of this off of my mind by writing down the truth about what happened, because I am sure that a lot of untruths were spread by the woman who turned out to have a definite "covert aggressive personality" (do an internet search on that, it showed

  (Written in memory of Michele Mclean)





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