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It explains itself in the poem.

Submitted: April 11, 2009

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Submitted: April 11, 2009



Vampire Kiss

Some teenagers go through their middle and high school years sad, alone, desperately looking for that one special person. We may think that we might not find them. Then suddenly, when we are not looking, there they are beautiful and ageless. And when we take that kiss, that kiss of love, it is the end of our old lives and the start of a new one. That is the kiss of a vampire…


The days are like the seasons

They come and go as the please.

We however still roam the crowded hallways

Every little issue like the bites of fleas.

We remain polite to others

But some just can’t understand the pain.

We look on as friends affectionately lock lips

And we fade into the scenery like a stain.

They don’t do it to hurt anyone

It’s just one of those things that love makes people do.

But my heart feels like the life is being drained away

I feel almost helpless as to what to do.

It feels like a vampire is draining me…


I was convinced I would never find her

That true love was nothing but a myth.

So I gave up searching for her

I had nothing to go on with.

Suddenly, when I wasn’t looking

She strode her way before me.

She looked like a goddess from fantasy

All of her features down to a tee.

Her shoulder length hair, her red lips

Were like something from a book.

Her perfect figure, her sparkling eyes

Enthralled me with just a look.

How could I have known she was a vampire?


I didn’t let her beauty get to me

In a girl I was looking for something more.

But then she started to talk to me.

And I suddenly felt like this was the one I’ve been looking for.

We shared the same interests

Listened to the same songs.

And a sudden feeling whirled inside me

That I haven’t felt in so long.

Then one night, whilst gazing at the stars

Our hands began to mold.

Our fingers continued to intertwine

And neither of us needed to be told.

I was falling in love with a vampire.


The first time we starred into our eyes

We knew that something was about to end.

The life I had lived before

Had rounded its final bend.

I was beginning to live anew

My old life was slipping from my veins.

The blood of the past was draining

I would no longer feel any other pains.

She was the Bella to my Edward

The one I had waited years to find.

I was free from my curse at last

The chains of the past began to unbind.

I had kissed a vampire.


A wise friend of mine once said

Try not to fall try not to let it be a vampire you love.

Their affection for someone is a strong bond

And yet it has the delicacy of a dove.

The effects if the bond is broken

Is more than some simple sting.

The wound of the heart never fully heals

Even as other wedding bells may ring.

But I have faith in our relationship.

We will face any hurdles head on

And come out in each other’s arms.

My old life is now gone.

I am in love with a vampire.

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