Not the Hero

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It explains itself in the writing. A part from my book in my FRIENDS section.

Submitted: March 31, 2009

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Submitted: March 31, 2009



Not the Hero

This is a poem about that one friend everyone has that promises to be there for them no matter what. What if they were put into a situation like this? Their actions determine the outcome in the end. It is by our actions that determines the strength of our hearts.


I made you a promise

To be there for you when you needed me.

You smiled and said “That’s sweet”

But you just couldn’t see

How serious I meant to be.

It’s a dark and dangerous world

With sinister acts growing and twisting

Like gnarled roots of a tree.


You continue on your way to class,

That familiar happy-go-lucky gleam in your eyes.

I know that you’re a strong girl

And to me it comes as no surprise

That you don’t believe in anger or lies.

But as brilliant as you are to everyone

I worry immensely about you

I fear that you will fall instead of rise.


It’s the end of the day now

And in the setting sun you decide to walk.

You are almost to your warm home

When some strange boys stop you to talk.

When you politely decline, they choose to stalk

For they are hunters of men’s souls

And you are their chosen prey.

All of this from a simple walk.


It is the nighttime now

And the cold rain plasters upon your face.

The yellow of your hair and the red of your head

Mix together sickly in the road space.

Your heart has no energy left to race.

Beaten, battered and left for dead

You slowly mutter the word “help”

Praying that someone fill find a trace.


I was afraid that this would happen.

I drove around fearfully in my car.

When I found you limp in the street

The sight had left a permanent scar.

This horror had driven me too far.

I jumped out in the pouring rain

And carried your fragile figure back to my vehicle.

I prayed that you had not yet joined the stars.


A full week has passed

One long grueling week since that horrible day.

Your robin egg blue eyes open slowly

And I greet them with a kind “Hey”.

You look around in your hospital bed; you don’t know what to say.

You try to say thank you

I simply reply “It’s okay”.


Another week has passed now

And together in the hallways we walk.

You say that I saved you.

You tell me I’m the reason you talk.

I laugh, you scowl, and I say “I’m not trying to mock”.

I’m not the hero here,

I’m just happy you’re holding my hand.

Together in life we will walk.

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